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Click & Collect

It's alright if you live far away from IKEA stores. You can pick your order up at the pick-up point

Click and Collect provides an easy pick-up of online orders from pick-up points all over the country at a low service price.

How to use ₩9,000​ pickup delivery

If there is a service-providing gas station near the address registered with, the service will be activated at the payment stage.

* Pick-up point delivery fee to Jeju Island is ₩29,000 won.

1. Select the delivery method 'Click and Collect' at the payment stage.

2. Select the corresponding gas station from the pick up point list. When you select a gas station, the pick up time is displayed.

3. Visit the gas station at the designated time to pick up the order.

Which pickup points are available?

Gas station pickup point

The shipping price is lower, the distance is closer.

Pick up IKEA products purchased online at a nearby GS Caltex gas station!​​

Base fee ₩9,000

A new pick up service that's lower price and closer pick up point

The gas station pick up service is a service that allows you to pick up furniture products purchased online at a gas station located in the area where you live.

The gas station pick-up service is with GS Caltex's new energy brand, Energy Plus.

Service-providing gas stations


Gangnam - GS Caltex Samseong-ro
Dongjak - GS Caltex Daebang
Seongbuk - GS Caltex Sechang
Yeongdeungpo - GS Caltex Yeouido


Goyang - GS Caltex Ilsan
Guri - GS Caltex Topyeong IC
Seongnam - GS Caltex Geumgok
Suwon - GS Caltex Youngtong
Euijeongbu - GS Caltex Euijeongbu
Pyeongtaek - GS Caltex Godeokjukje city


Bupyeong - GS Caltex Shinbupyeong
Yeonsu - GS Caltex Sunhakro


Daejeon - GS Caltex Jeongdawoon
Daejeon - GS Caltex Hyeonam
Cheonan - GS Caltex Woorine
Cheongju - GS Caltex Global


Gangneung - GS Caltex GyodongTaekji
Wonju - GS Caltex Gugok gas station
Chuncheon - GS Caltex Chuncheon City


Gwangju - GS Caltex Suwan
Gwangju - GS Caltex Pungam
Gunsan - GS Caltex Haewadal
Mokpo - GS Caltex NamakSindosi
Yeosu - GS Caltex JinnamSindosi
Jeonju - GS Caltex Osong Smart


Deagu - GS Caltex Star
Changwon - GS Caltex Sinjin
Busan - GS Caltex Daeyeon
Pohang - GS Caltex Gongdan


Jeju - GS Caltex Musucheon (₩29,000won)


  • Please show us your order form or the screen of the received email.
  • The coworker at the gas station will not help the loading process.
  • If you do not receive it on pick up date and we cannot reach you, we will cancel the order.
  • Please note that service fee cannot be refunded.
  • If the volume or length of the ordered product exceeds the pick up service provision standard, order will not be created during the payment stage.
  • If you wish to exchange or return the product after receiving it, you can visit the nearest IKEA store(limited to Gwangmyeong, Goyang, Giheung, and Dongbusan store) and exchange or return it.