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Cushions & cushion covers

They're cosy, soft and make everything comfier. Plus, sofa cushions are a super affordable way to change the feel of your room in no time flat. So go for it—opt for fresh new colours, patterns, and textures that will breathe new life into your space. Pile ‘em high and prepare for ultimate comfort.

Cushions for a cosy nook

Is there anything better than a lazy afternoon spent in your favourite corner? The classic STRANDMON wing chair has been supporting naps for decades. Just add stylish cushion covers and you’ll soon be catching those zzzs...

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A cushion in a VEDMAL cushion cover with red and pink stripes, embroidered stitching and large buttons.
A STRANDMON wing chair sits in a living room, with cushions, including one in a striped VEDMAL cushion cover, lying on it.
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Cushions in different cushion covers including one in a striped HILDAMARIA cushion cover sit on a bed against a wall.

Ideas to renew your home with cushions

Get tips on how you can use cushions to refresh your home, coordinate your look, welcome a new season and more.

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A total makeover made in a jiffy

Low in price – high on impact. GURLI cushion cover is the ultimate change driver.

One end of a white sofa that has lots of cushions scattered on top of it, covered with different colour GURLI covers.
Three cushions layered across each other, covered with GURLI covers in brown-yellow, white and grey.

Fresh touches with new cushions and covers

Cushions or cushion covers are a quick, easy way to give things a refresh without breaking your budget. So why not cheer up your old sofa or boost your bedroom today?

A SÖDERHAMN 3-seat section, with a throw and an extra cushion with a DYTÅG cushion cover, stands in a living room.
Four cushions, including one in a grey/white STORTIMJAN cushion cover, are piled on a LINANÄS sofa near a throw.
A bed in a room with a sloping ceiling with JUNIMAGNOLIA white/dark blue bed linen and pink cushions and a throw.
A cushion which has a beige RÖDASK cushion cover lies at an angle on a sofa.
A white/pink VATTENMÅRA cushion sits on a piece of fabric in a corner of a white BACKSÄLEN 3-seat sofa.
Cushions in different cushion covers and a dark green INGRUN throw are on a pine NEIDEN bed near a window.
A PLATSA storage bench with a lot of cushions on top, including one in a JÄTTEPOPPEL cushion cover, stands under a window.
A cushion in a NÄSSELKLOCKA cushion cover sits on top of cushions in LEIKNY and SANELA cushion covers.