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Shoe boxes & organisers

Organised storage for your precious footwear

A good shoe storage solution helps you organise and store your shoes. You can pick the perfect shoe for your outfit quickly when you have them neatly sorted. Our shoe organisers look good in your entryway. Their practical designs also keep your shoes neatly arranged and easy to access. 

Organised shoes make getting dressed easier

The right pair of shoes makes your outfit. Store your shoes in an organised manner so that you can quickly locate your preferred pair on your way out. Placing a shoe rack by your front door also allows you to put your footwear away neatly when you enter your home. 

The Do’s and don’ts of storing shoes 

Take the trouble to store your shoes properly to help them last longer and look better. When shoes do not have enough air circulation, they stay damp and may become moldy. To store your shoes properly, you must:

  • Sort them. Not all shoes are worn every day. Sort and categorise your shoes before you arrange them on a shoe rack. This makes them so much easier to choose from when you are in a hurry. Shoes that are worn rarely or on special occasions can be stored in shoeboxes. 
  • Avoid piling them on the floor. Shoes that are piled up in a haphazard manner tend to fold over themselves, wrinkle and get damaged. They also make your room look and smell uninviting. 
  • Choose a stable shoe storage solution. Fragile shoe racks may topple over. Choose from our range of sturdy shoe racks that keep their feet on the ground.
  • Air circulation is essential to keep your shoes smelling fresh. A shoe that is stored when it is wet or in a humid environment may get damaged. Moisture causes the glue in the shoes to break down.


Thinking out of the box

Sometimes, a shoe rack may not be the best solution for your home. You can store your shoes in multipurpose shelves by using specially designed shoe boxes. They enclose the shoes in a fabric box that has a mesh side. This keeps the shoes well aired out and also makes it easier to look inside the box. Shoe boxes also give your special occasion shoes a safer home than an open shoe rack would. When you store footwear in closed plastic boxes, they lack air circulation. A fabric shoebox is a better solution. You can fold the boxes and store them when they are not in use.

Shoe organisers

Some of us have more shoes than the average person. Arranging pairs of shoes side by side would take up too much storage space. Use our shoe organisers to place one shoe over the other without making contact with each other. This instantly doubles your shoe storage without harming your footwear.

Wire racks

Wire shoe racks provide a neat shoe storage solution by your front door. They can be easily folded and put away when not in use. You can also use these shoe racks stacked above each other to convert a closet or wardrobe shelf into shoe storage.