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Hanging clothes organisers

Get A Neater Wardrobe Without Using More Space

We have designed our hanging clothes organisers so that you find those matching pair of earrings or shoes or that perfect dress for a party, without turning your closet upside down. You can hang your scarves and necklaces on our SKÅDIS pegboard or find room for your shopping spree with our STORSTABBE hanging compartments. There’s also the STUK shoe organiser for your footwear, and the SKUBB clothes cover for your fancy sarees or suits - now you know where every item in your wardrobe is! Our organisers fold flat, so you save up on space too.

Your “Where Did My Earring Go?” Days Are Over!

Finding the right suit or earrings to wear to that event shouldn’t be a treasure hunt - that’s why our hanging clothes organisers keep all your wardrobe essentials within your reach. Our white SKÅDIS pegboard combination is perfect for organising the smaller items. Place your earrings, necklaces, or ties here, so you don’t have to go searching through your drawers. The pegboard can be fixed anywhere and not just your bedroom and lets you move around the items easily. Too many clothes, too little space? Our STORSTABBE hanging storage compartment makes the most of your closet. Hang them on the rails or use them freestanding, the STORSTABBE hanging clothes organisers function as an extra set of shelves and even have pockets on the side for your accessories. Bought one more pair of shoes? Our STUK shoe organiser comes with 16 pockets to store your footwear. You can even get creative and use it for your towels, sunglasses, and more. And if you want to keep your wedding lehenga or hubby’s suits away from the dust, there’s always the SKUBB set of 2 clothes covers. 

Finally, get some hooks & hangers to go with the organisers!