Clothes boxes

Keep Your Wardrobe Zen

Trouble finding hubby ties? No place for your sarees? Our clothes boxes give a home to it all. The RABBLA box, with its breathable material, is perfect for stashing your textiles. Resistant to moisture, it’s great for the bathrooms too! While the LACKISAR saves you space by folding down flat, our SKUBB boxes come in varying sizes and can store anything from your sporting gear to your lingerie. Keeping your drawers in order is our RAGGISAR tray that makes your mornings less fussy.

From Mom’s Sarees To Hubby’s Wallet - There’s A Place For It All

Keep every morning from turning into a scavenger hunt with our collection of clothes boxes. Our RABBLA and LACKISAR cases come with a breathable material that makes them perfect for stuffing in your fancy clothes, quilts or blankets when not in use. Keep them on the floor or arrange them in your wardrobe, the boxes are versatile. The RABBLA even holds your towels and bathrobes for you in the washroom. Space crunch? The LACKISAR can be folded flat, and its handles make it easy to lift. And if you have trouble finding matching socks or your favourite lingerie, our SKUBB clothes boxes keep them within reach. Tired of misplacing your dainty earrings or necklaces? The RAGGISAR drawer tray makes it a breeze to get ready as all your lovely trinkets are in one place.

Love it when things are organised? Explore our open clothes & shoe storage system for a clutter-free home.