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Knobs & handles

It’s The Small Details That Make A Huge Difference

Choose from our vast range of knobs & handles to go with your BESTÅ storage systems. Not only do they make opening doors and drawers easier, but they also add a finishing touch to your storage. From the minimalist BILLSBRO to the eye-catching ENERYDA and modern BAGGANÄS, pick a style that blends with the cabinet’s look and finish. Get separate knobs or handles for your TV unit, kitchen cabinet, and living room storage or tie the look together with similar ones. Changing the knobs & handles is a simple way to refresh your decor as well.

Stylish Trimmings For Your Storage Cabinets

Like the cherry on top of a cake, your drawers and shelf doors need our knobs & handles to complete them. Take your pick from our vast collection, and choose the material and style that match your BESTÅ TV units. Coordinate the knobs & handles with the rest of the storage in your home or make them stand out, even the tiniest details refresh the look of your decor. We have the BILLSBRO handles for a clean, minimalist aesthetic - they look perfect on your glass shelves. Or you can pick the easy-to-grip HACKÅS handles for a smooth and modern feel. When it comes to knobs, we have several choices ranging from the smooth and rounded BAGGANÄS that can be used with or without its washers to the elegant, white porcelain HISHULT that provides a good grip. If you would prefer something more traditional, you can get our drop handles or choose knobs like the ENERYDA that comes in eye-catching chrome and brass finishes.

And as the devil’s in the details, don’t forget to check out our BESTÅ accessories like hinges and brackets for your storage units.