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Bedroom lighting ideas

A brightly lit bedroom is perfect when you’re getting ready for work or a night out, but not so much when you’re winding down with a good book. Fortunately, our range of dimmable bulbs and our variety of designs mean one light can be the solution to every situation.


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Bedroom ceiling lighting

Our bedroom ceiling light collections offer something to suit every taste, available in a variety of colours, styles and fittings. If you’ve got high ceilings, take advantage of the extra space with a hanging pendant shade or customise the direction of the light overhead with track and spotlights.

Bedside table lamps

Tall or small, glass or metal, there’s a bedside table lamp to suit every bedroom right here. Perfect for soft lighting as you wind down at bedtime, or for casting a soft glow over the pages of a great new book. Discover the full collection of bedside table lamps here.

Bedroom smart lighting

Smart lighting in the bedroom means you’ll never again have to leave the comfort of a warm duvet when you’ve forgotten to turn out the light. Our smart bulbs can be controlled with the IKEA Home smart app, so when it’s time to go to sleep, all it takes is a tap to turn down the lights.