SCHOTTIS Block-out pleated blind, dark grey, 100x190 cm
SCHOTTIS Block-out pleated blind, dark grey, 100x190 cm
SCHOTTIS Block-out pleated blind, dark grey, 100x190 cm
SCHOTTIS Block-out pleated blind, dark grey, 100x190 cm
SCHOTTIS Block-out pleated blind, dark grey, 100x190 cm
SCHOTTIS Block-out pleated blind, dark grey, 100x190 cm

With block-out blinds you won’t get your sleep disturbed by moonlight and street lights - or be woken by the sun when you want to sleep in late.


Product details

Block-out blinds blocks light from shining through and completely darkens your room. Easy to attach to your window frame. No drilling needed.Can be easily cut to the desired size.You can keep the blind open in the desired position by securing it in place with the included clips.When you want to close the blind completely you can fasten it to the bottom of the window frame using the included hook-and-loop fastener.The pleated blind will stick best on smooth surfaces.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Basematerial:100 % polyester (100% recycled), PET plastic
    Clip:Polypropylene plastic
    Do not wash.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Do not iron.Do not dryclean.
  • SCHOTTISBlock-out pleated blindArticle no.:903.695.07
    Width: 4 cmHeight: 2 cmLength: 100 cmWeight: 0.21 kgPackage(s): 1

Product size

190 cm
100 cm
1.90 m²


FabVerified BuyerFab5
They look good and do the job!Bobi MThese look good and do the job! I have seen people suggest using gorilla glue double sided tape - which I used and this works but I had to remove mine and put them up again and of course, they fell down as the tape wasn't sticky anymore. So I cut the first strip off and bought some more double sided tape from the £1 shop and it has worked perfectly. and haven't fallen down at all! :)4
A bit hit or miss.Rob539I've bought 4 of these blinds in total, 2 that work as intended and 2 that just fell off the window frame, 1 within just hours of putting it up. The one I've had the longest is great, but the 3 I've bought since have been of a lower quality. Of those 3, the one that's still up, the clips don't work well, keep popping open. 1 stayed up for about a month, then just fell off, leaving a sticky strip attached to the window frame, and the last one fell off the same way within hours.2
Don"t botherMa3147If i could i would give this 0 stars. It doesn't even work as a blind. The glue that holds the blind up is very weak and it fell down within 3 hours. You also have to stick Velcro all over the place so you can fully close it, otherwise it just dangles half closed. The worst thing is the clips they give you to hold the blind open, they only allow about 1 third of the blind to fit in them , any more and they just ping off or snap. So there is no real way of using this blind open. Additionally we had this delivered and it had been folded in 3 and crammed in a tiny box, so it had creases in it when opened.1
It solved my office light problemJimBrEasy to fit, no drilling, no fuss. One blind was split into two and fitted in each window, so I can control the amount of light in my working space. Brilliant!5
Didn’t even last a weekLacyBellUtter rubbish, you might as well stick a bin bag at your window!1
Quick fix!CollsLooks great when up. After one use it fell down. The large paperclips don’t really work. I would not recommend this product unless you are to have it permanently down! Shame really1
Nice looking blindsSheila 52Product nice & lovely colour .However adhesive on all 3 blinds peeled away from the blind & kept falling down3
Black outblindsShar22Does the job in keeping the room dark, but tape does not hold blinds, fallen down twice so had to spend over £15 buying sticky Velcro.2
Easy to put upLanney1967fantastic for cutting out light. I have to work night shifts so sleeping can be a problem but these are fantastic at cutting out the light.5
Great BlindsBenita_Very good blinds! Especially for the price.5
Perfect quick and easySian98Super easy to put up and work well5
Extra HotDavid AmesThese blinds have more than doubled the heat from the windows on hot days, I believe this is because these blinds have a BLACK backing and not grey like the front. With my previous blinds I would have to stand really close to the windows to feel the heat being emitted, NOW I can stand over an arms length to feel a significant amount of heat being generated because of this. Also, these blinds have fallen down twice so far and had to glue to cill.2
Doesn’t last longPink134They worked really well and I managed to improve my sleep, but after a few weeks (aprox 3) they came detached from the sticky tape so that now the tape is on the window frame (yes I cleaned the frame before attaching) and I can no longer use the blinds.1
OK but with a few design flawsJaynestown78Yes, they block out the light. But if you have a window open or a fan on, they billow out in a big curve. And they are not white on the outside so they actually heat the room up. I had to take down and replace with the white version I had before. And the act of fastening them up leaves small creases that aren't visible in the thinner white ones. But they are very cheap.3
Poor Design and GlueIKEACustomer1983Poor design it will drop off after 2 weeks1
Blinds great, adhesive rubbishLeegreBlinds are great, the block the light, very cheap and look perfect. I bought four to cover our 4m bifold doors. Fit perfectly and looked nice. Came down the next morning and all four were on the floor. The glue for the tape back is just not strong enough to hold them. every time I put them back up they kept falling. In the end I had to spend £23 on Gorilla backing tape to put them back up (tape cost more than the blinds!!) but it seems to hold well.3
Temporary blindsAlexj10Was a great job first week then the blind detached itself from the glue leaving it behind on the wall and the blind on the floor. The adhesive is obviously not strong enough to keep the blind on the wall.1
Win some, lose someIsmailP2 out 4 blinds fell off within 5 days of putting up. The sticky tape comes right off the blind.3
Initially brilliant!WeesiethomasThese blinds are super efficient. We were very pleased with them initially. Unfortunately after less than a week, they fell down. Although the tape was still sticky, it didn't keep them up and it hasn't even been that warm!! We bought some wide double sided tape and put them back up, this time using the tape on the shiny side - which seems to have done the trick!! Overall we're very pleased with the blinds, they are cheap and very effective. As long as they stay up!!4

Block-out pleated blind, dark grey100x190 cm

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SCHOTTIS Block-out pleated blind, dark grey, 100x190 cm