GLANSNÄVA Curtain liners, 1 pair, light gray, 56x94 "
GLANSNÄVA Curtain liners, 1 pair, light gray, 56x94 "
GLANSNÄVA Curtain liners, 1 pair, light gray, 56x94 "

Room darkening curtains prevent most light from entering and provide privacy both day and night by blocking the view into the room from outside.

Article Number902.912.88

Product details

The densely woven curtain liners darken the room and provide privacy by preventing people outside from seeing into the room.Effective at keeping out both drafts in the winter and heat in the summer.You can use the included hooks to attach the curtain liners to the heading tape on your curtains.The heading also has hidden tabs that allow you to hang the curtain liners directly on a curtain rod.The thick curtains darken the room and provide privacy by preventing people outside from seeing into the room.The measurement applies to each individual curtain liner.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Article Number902.912.88
  • 100% polyester (min. 90% recycled)
    Shrinkage maximum 4%.Machine wash warm, normal cycle.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Iron low.Do not dry clean.
  • GLANSNÄVACurtain liners, 1 pairArticle no902.912.88
    Width: 10 ¾ " (27 cm)Height: 1 ¾ " (5 cm)Length: 14 ½ " (37 cm)Weight: 3 lb 7 oz (1.56 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

94 " (240 cm)
56 " (143 cm)
2 lb 3 oz (1.00 kg)
36.92 sq feet (3.43 m²)
Package quantity: 
2 pack

Ratings and reviews

PerfectTara HI was looking for a liner to add extra blackout, to some lighter colour blackout curtains; and thought I would give these a try. They were perfect! With my existing curtains; they block out all exterior light. They are also very beautiful, and look great, from the outside. They also help to add a thermal layer; to block out summer heat or winter chills; coming from the windows. Very satisfied with my purchase!5
Looks beautifulBforFits dining room windows perfectly5
Mariejo24I love the darkening it does but I found the fabric to heavy would hope it could of been lighter5
Only reduces light by around 45%MarkJHThe description says that these curtain liners block out most light, which isn't true at all. I estimate that they block around 45%, based on the fact that folding them in half get them close to 100%. Therefore they don't make a huge difference when placed behind existing light filtering curtains (as I have), which of misses the point of using liners.. The room remains well lit, but glare is cut down significantly on our TV screen. They would be more effective behind heavier curtains. So if you are looking for something to make your room fairly or completely dark, and you lightweight curtains, these liners will not do the job. But if you have heavy curtains, or don't want to completely block out light, then these might be for you. These liners are light grey on one side and a dark grey on the other. When you hook them on to existing curtains, the lighter side faces the window. This makes sense as the light side will reflect more light. But if you mount them on a rod, as per the instructions, then the dark side will face the window, thus absorbing more light (i.e. holding in more heat). You could mount them the other way around, but the rod loops and seams will be visible if you don't have your main curtains drawn at the same time.3
Very Airy CurtainOurIkeaLifeLooks beautiful from the inside, out. Very nice.5
Hooks?EKAYIn the description it says hooks are included but there were none in the package...3
Perfect!!GemmayIt's really good quality and looks really nice. Good price for the quality.5
Blackout curtainTvMuiIt’s a good colour and easy to handle. Good price. The only thing is the display on the shelf. I bought one pair and decided later on to buy another but the different sizes were mixed up so I ended up having to make another trip to return it and by that time there was no stock left. I didn’t know there were two sizes.4
Not blackout at allupdateleeIn store they call them blackout. I've bought other blackout curtains from Ikea with success but these are not blackout at all. They darken the room no different then any other curtain. I had to fold them in half to double them just to get the room slightly darker1
Just what I was looking for.0009Perfect liner fir my patio door curtains.5
mark0088I bought this. It is good.5
It matchedI bought this for my new house and it looks pretty.4
Good buyFigmentI am content with the curtains; however, they are not black-out at all. The sunlight streams through on our south facing wall.3
DOES NOT BLOCK THE LIGHT AT ALL!Earthy1Wow, worst misrepresentation of a product ever! These curtains were no more opaque than any other fabric would be... I am returnimy these ASAP.1
Didn"t work for meAmbeyI wanted to use these underneath light yellow thick cotton curtains, however I found they dulled the light but didn't block it out. Be sure to check measurements too, they are very long. I'm sure they would work better under a darker colour of curtain.2
Room Darkening, NOT BLACKOUTStephC49my friend bought these to use as the curtains in her sitting room and they looked great on their own! So, I got them too. I bought these liners to use with white RITVA curtains. needless to say I wasn't crazy about them. FIRST, there are no instructions! trying to figure out the little plastic hooks to use on the header tape gave me a headache (sorry, i had to! :P ) SECOND, the material is shiny and satiny and the kind that your fingers would snag on if you had dry hands. THIRD, even though the width is the same as the other IKEA curtains, the liner and the curtain didn't hang nicely at all and it caused all sorts of weird pulls and pleats along the top where the little clips were joining the panels together (since I have curtain rings, this looked terrible); also along the sides, the two edges were so obvious since they didn't flow together you couldn't hide the fact that there was an added liner. and finally FOURTH the dark grey faces into the room and the silver side faces outside. this totally darkened my WHITE RITVA curtains into an ugly beige weird colour. (should have seen this one coming lol) FIFTH these are great for room darkening, but not true blackout panels. OVERALL,they look great as curtains on their own and probably would be great to use as liners on heavier-weight curtain panels. but with mine these did not do the trick. The price is right, just not the look for me.3
Very nice curtainCJ2017I bought this curtain and it is very nice and Very easy to use5
OkayCherylmeThis works if you already have a thick curtain. I had a 2 layer curtain that blocks sunlight just fine until I washed it. So bought this to layer and it works. All dark again.3
Don"t block the light welle007Nice looking curtain, but can't block the light very well3
Can be used as curtains too!Lynda JSI had these as liners in my last home. This time I have them as curtains in my silver grey bedroom. Perfect! Look very sleek.5


Block out more than light

Densely woven curtains or liners not only help you get a good afternoon nap by blocking out the sunshine, they also help you keep an even, comfortable temperature in your home by blocking out drafts in the winter and heat in the summer. That means – they help you save money on energy bills, too.

Curtain liners, 1 pair, light gray56x94 " (143x240 cm)

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GLANSNÄVA Curtain liners, 1 pair, light gray, 56x94 "