FYRTUR Blackout roller blind, wireless/battery operated gray, 48x76 ¾ "
FYRTUR Blackout roller blind, wireless/battery operated gray, 48x76 ¾ "
FYRTUR Blackout roller blind, wireless/battery operated gray, 48x76 ¾ "
FYRTUR Blackout roller blind, wireless/battery operated gray, 48x76 ¾ "
FYRTUR Blackout roller blind, wireless/battery operated gray, 48x76 ¾ "
FYRTUR Blackout roller blind, wireless/battery operated gray, 48x76 ¾ "
FYRTUR Blackout roller blind, wireless/battery operated gray, 48x76 ¾ "

Using the included remote control, you can adjust your blinds from the comfort of your bed. The block-out fabric blocks out all light from outside – perfect for bedrooms.

Article Number504.081.86

Product details

Block-out blinds blocks light from shining through and completely darkens your room.The blind comes pre-paired with the remote control and the signal repeater.For the blinds wireless functions to work, the signal repeater (included in the package) needs to be plugged in to a power socket within 32 feet from the blind.You can control your blinds wirelessly to adapt the light or create privacy depending on the activity taking place in the room.When you add TRÅDFRI gateway and IKEA Home smart app, you can set your wireless blinds to go up and down with a timer.The blind is cordless for increased child safety.BRAUNIT battery pack is the power source to your FYRTUR and KADRILJ roller blinds.5 year warranty. Read about the terms in the warranty brochure.No need to change fittings or drill new holes if you change your blinds. The wall/ceiling brackets included in the package are suitable for TRETUR, FYRTUR and KADRILJ roller blindsThe blind cannot be cut.You need the TRÅDFRI gateway to use the IKEA Home smart app. Download the app for free via Google Play or App Store, depending on which mobile device you have.We continuously update the IKEA Home smart app with more functions and possibilities.Included: 1 battery for remote control, 1 rechargeable battery pack, 1 charger battery pack and 1 signal repeater.Remote control included.Bracket screws and wall/ceiling screws not included.Designer

David Wahl

Article Number504.081.86

Product size

Width of fabric: 
46 ¼ " (117.7 cm)
Width of roller: 
48 " (122.0 cm)
76 ¾ " (195 cm)
24.54 sq feet (2.28 m²)

Ratings and reviews

Nice product, can get betterCeeA bit slow to move up and down and cumbersome to pair /set up with the app. Looks nice and does the job. Should be cheaper.5
Relatively easy to setupChrisLooks great, works well with Alexa. This is my 4th purchase and I’m relatively happy.4
Looks great, works great, IDominicLooks great, works great, I only wish they had different colours and opacity options, integrates flawlessly with HomeKit5
Automatic Roller BlindsEricaI think these are a great product for the price. I hooked up 3 sets with one signal repeater and remote and i have to make sure the remote is held in such a way that all the blinds and the repeater can “see” the remote.4
LengthJEAN F.Ikea should have longer rolls too for doors and provide eventually a kit to shortn them4
Works greatMichealIt’s more affordable than other smart blinds. It’s been working great since I bought it. Completely blocks out light when needed and I’ve been more likely to open the blinds to see outside due to the ease of pushing a button.5
Amazing price & battery longevity for smart blindsDragonteaBought this when it first came out and installed full charged in October 2019. First blind lasted 10 months before needing battery charge out of four blinds installed. Impressive! 3 other blind are still going 10 months + on the initial charge.5
Awesome HomeKit integration + more options soon?Anonymous reviewerThese smart blinds work great. Setup seemed a bit cumbersome but once done it works flawlessly with HomeKit. Tip: After you have one wireless remote setup, you can use the same one to easily add your other devices. Don’t bother resetting it as the app mentions. Really hoping IKEA brings the sheer version of these (KADRILJ) to US / Canada soon...5
Perfect blindsLazy lifeWe have four of these installed. They are sleek and modern and I love that I can walk into the room and ask Google to open all at once. No more moving furniture to get to the blinds. The price is also very reasonable.5
Amazing HomeKit Blinds! Really impressedAnzioWe bought 5 of these FYRTUR blinds to replace a few older shades, and add where there were none. We were really excited to add some HomeKit blinds to our home, and were not disappointed. The build quality feels great, installation was simple, and the reliability so far is incredible. HomeKit responds immediately and works flawlessly. Very impressed with these HomeKit blinds! Will definitely be picking some more up.5
Great value smart blindsupersaiyangokuvegeta69Uses common standards for communication (Z-Wave) which allows this to work with my Samsung SmartThings system really well. Looks fairly good, though I wish they had a more subtle battery compartment. Easy to set up, not especially loud. Very good value.5
Great value, smart integrationrastersReally love the blinds. Only one colour available right now which is too bad, but we like the blackout grey. A little challenging to get three synced to one remote and their start/stop timing is a little staggered in the set - not sure if a software fix could correct that. Still working on getting the Alexa integration working through the Tradfri gateway.5
Opaque, Stylish and Compatiblesupercoolguy42069Been waiting for smart blinds or conversion kits for some time. Either too expensive or doesn't work well. This is a great solution. Working with SmartThings and Logitech Harmony due to it's ZigBee 3.0. Highly recommend if this is a solution you've been waiting for. Battery last long and easy to charge.5
Toile électriquegaggiggerJe trouve que le prix est très raisonnable pour le produit si on compare au marché.5
Very Good ValueJake33Really good value compared to other companies' motorized blinds. Been using it for a month now, still a happy customer!5
Too ExpensivenLightGreat tech, but way too expensive. I will wait till I see sane prices for smart blinds.2
Looks great! Works well!MurkBorkJust purchased today, I'm enjoying them! Now to pair the tradfri hub!5

Function solution

Get the light just right!

With our roller blinds FYRTUR & KADRILJ, you can control the light from your bed, or somewhere else! Thanks to the included remote control or the IKEA TRÅDFRI app, several wireless blinds can be controlled at the same time or individually. It’s convenient and great for all generations. Choose what sort of blind you need. FYRTUR blind blocks out the light, while KADRILJ blind filters some light through. Let them help you get just the right amount of light and set the best conditions for a good night’s sleep, or gentle waking up!

Blackout roller blind, wireless/battery operated gray48x76 ¾ " (122.0x195 cm)

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FYRTUR Blackout roller blind, wireless/battery operated gray, 48x76 ¾ "