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Outdoor plant pots

Plant a garden anywhere

Wherever we are, plants make us happier. We have a range of potted plants and durable pots in different sizes that you can place or hang up in your outdoor space. They'll add a touch of nature and help you create a relaxing garden even in a limited space like a balcony.

Plants can bring bountiful life, harmony and joy to our homes. But first, you need to prepare a home for your plants. That's where our stylish outdoor planters come into play.

With a high-quality garden pot or planter, caring for your plants gets a lot easier. You have the freedom to grow fruits and vegetables even in limited spaces, or maybe create a flower arrangement that brings colour to your outdoor space. Your plants can flourish in the sun during summer, easily be moved and kept inside for winter.

How to choose the right outdoor planters for you

At IKEA, you’ll find a wide range of pots to create the home garden you desire. However, finding the perfect planter can be a challenge, so we’ve put together a quick guide to help you choose.

Metal planters

Metal planters provide a raw, shiny texture that can be a beautiful accessory to your plants. The effect is greatest if you have a lot of colourful flowers. The shiny material will bring out the colours of the flowers and provides a striking contrast between the natural and the synthetic.

Concrete flower pots

If you like Scandinavian inspired interior design, using concrete flower pots is a great way to create that look. The rustic style of concrete plant pots makes great partners with green and leafy plants. The greyish concrete against the bright green creates a feeling of life bursting forth from the stone.

Terracotta pots

The classic terracotta pot will fit perfectly in almost any outdoor space. The gentle earthy colour complements most plants in a beautiful way. Grow greens or flowers and let the beautiful pots enhance your front porch, balcony or garden.

You’ll find the planters in many different sizes. Some for small cultivation, and others that can house taller plants or flowers.

How to take care of your outdoor planters

Even though our planters are made to last, there are some things you can do to increase their lifespan.

We recommend that you use a plant mover, or felt pads under the planters, to avoid moisture damage on the garden pots.

Some of our flower boxes are frost resistant. If the temperature goes below zero, you only need to empty the soil or cover them up. If you do, you can store them outside all year round.

And don’t forget to regularly clean your planters. This way, you’ll keep them looking nice and will get rid of bacteria that can harm your plants.