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Stylish storage baskets

We all have them – those receipts, newspaper cuttings, recipes and photos we can't bear to throw away. But who is to say that they can't be stylishly stored away? Keep them out of sight with our range of storage baskets. We have a range of affordable wicker baskets in a range of sizes, some designed to perfectly fit our storage units.

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Available in more optionsTJABBIG Basket 15x13 cm (6x5 ")

TJABBIG Basket, natural, 9 ¾x9 "

Available in more optionsBRANÄS Basket 32x34x32 cm (12 ½x13 ½x12 ½ ")

BRANÄS Basket, dark gray, 12 ½x13 ½x12 ½ "BRANÄS Basket, white, 12 ½x13 ½x12 ½ "

Available in more optionsJÄGMÄSTARE Basket 25x35x20 cm (9 ¾x13 ¾x7 ¾ ")

JÄGMÄSTARE Basket, 9 ¾x7x5 ½ "

Available in more optionsRISATORP Wire basket 25x26x18 cm (9 ¾x10 ¼x7 ")

RISATORP Wire basket, gray-beige, 9 ¾x10 ¼x7 "RISATORP Wire basket, light yellow, 9 ¾x10 ¼x7 "

Available in more optionsRISATORP Basket with compartments 33x24x11 cm (13x9 ½x4 ¼ ")

RISATORP Basket with compartments, white, 13x9 ½x9 "
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Bring style to your organization with storage baskets

It’s been said the key to an organized home is ensuring that everything has a place, and storage baskets make the perfect ‘place’ for so many things! From tchotchkes to car keys, and throw pillows to charging cables, we offer on-trend storage baskets in a range of sizes, materials and designs to give all your must-haves a home of their own. 

Storage baskets bring order to the chaos of modern life, making it easier to find what you’re looking for while keeping your home tidy. Some other benefits of baskets include:

  • Cut down on cleaning time: Baskets can be easily picked up and moved when it’s time to wipe down surfaces or wash the floors. Additionally, lidded storage baskets help protect the items inside from dust and dirt, so you won’t have to clean them as often
  • Bring cohesion to your space: Similarly styled storage baskets can not only help declutter your space—they can help define it, as well. Consider the overall vibe you want your home to project, from boho to modern, and browse our always-updating selection of storage baskets to find your perfect fit
  • Power of Portability: The ease of moving baskets isn’t only beneficial on chore day; it also makes them an ideal place to keep anything you might want or need to use in more than one room. Feeling crafty? Keep all your projects in a storage basket so you can crochet on the couch as easily as the front porch. Tackling renovations and repairs in the kitchen, garage, or the garden? Keep your tools ready to pick up and go wherever they’re needed next in an easy-to-carry basket    

Wicker, wicker on the floor, who’s the tidiest of them all?

Baskets big, medium, and small—we have and love them all! Let’s explore some ways they can elevate your space…

  • Wicker Baskets in the Bathroom: The natural warmth of wicker baskets brings a spa-like feel to your bathroom that never goes out of style, and complements a variety of color schemes and aesthetics. Consider using large wicker baskets for fresh towels and bottles, and smaller baskets for cotton swabs, hair accessories, grooming tools, and more
  • Storage Baskets for the Living Room: For many families, the living room is the heart of the action, where everyone gathers to watch movies, play video and board games, read, and of course, take well-deserved naps. All those activities can come at a high cost of clutter, which is where storage baskets come in. Consider baskets in softer materials, like fabric and cotton rope, to store throw blankets and pillows. Easy-to-clean wire baskets are ideal for keeping games, toys, controllers and more safely stored and out of sight

And that’s just the storage baskets beginning! Our affordable open and lidded baskets are ideal for any size space, budget, and style preference.