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Base cabinets, frame height 30"

Create your personal base cabinet combination

Can't decide which kitchen style to go for?

Discover our range of front styles to suit your home:

  • Modern kitchens
  • Traditional kitchens
  • Shaker kitchens

Great kitchen cabinets should give you joy every time you use them. Whenever you pull out a drawer and feel that smooth no-sound opening. The feeling of closing a cabinet and seeing the door swing shut slowly, gently and without any risk of a sudden bang. The convenience of having your things exactly where you need them, like having your recycling close at hand when washing up or unpacking groceries. It’s just happiness.

The base kitchen cabinets you’ve always dreamed of

The kitchen is often the heart and soul of your home. It’s where style and function meet. Where cooking, and casual socializing come together in a hearty mix that feels like you. And what usually sets the tone are the kitchen units.

With a great design for your kitchen base cabinets, you make the whole room more inviting, more functional, and more fun to use. For example, it’s easier to include the entire family in everyday cooking. Create a designated area for the kids to play with spoons and bowls. Have drawers close at hand for you to efficiently prep and chop. Add enough room between stations for your better half to swing that wok pan.

Smart and good-looking kitchen units

We’ve made sure there are plenty of different types and styles of base kitchen cabinets and tall kitchen cabinets for you to choose from. Because we want you to have it all: design, functionality, and storage – in every one of your cupboards.

But don’t forget about other types of kitchen storage such as convenient wall cabinets. All with different functionality and accessories, should you need them. All available in a variety of colours and styles, so you can mix and match or go for a uniform look. Pick the one best suited for your needs or design a combination that’s just right for you.

It all starts with the base kitchen cabinets

If you want to improve your base kitchen cupboards, there’s lots of stuff to add for great functionality. You can add a cooktop with drawers beneath, so you have your tools close at hand while cooking. Choose a sink with integrated recycling for easy sorting when cleaning up. Combine shelves and drawers as you please, to match how you want to use the kitchen.

If possible, make sure to use the room’s corners for extra storage. A corner cabinet with a Lazy Susan, for example, will hold a lot of your pots and pans – making it quick and easy to choose the right one for the job.

And moves up the wall

But what about your kitchen walls? Don’t they deserve some love too? Sure they do! Get yourself a tall kitchen cupboard that lets you integrate your oven and microwave at chest height. That’ll give the room a modern look, and it’s easier on your back too.

If you want to add a more personal and decorated look to your walls, mount some cabinets with open storage. Your most beloved kitchen tools will be close at hand, and you can spice up the area with decorations or cookbooks.

And if you’re really looking to cram as much storage as possible in your kitchen, you can even get cabinets designed to go on top of your fridge or freezer. Perfect for that stuff you need to hide, but don’t know where to put.