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Ready to boost your own sleep retreat?

Hej! I'm Chynna, a designer here at IKEA, and I designed this bedroom for our showroom.

This bedroom belongs to a globetrotting collector couple. After travelling far and wide with work, they now want to create a personal “hotel” feeling in their own bedroom at home. Light, sound and air can all be adjusted to create the right mood, both at bedtime and when waking up and getting ready.

Their collection of handmade pottery and ethnic textiles on display serves as a constant reminder of their travels. This space is the couple’s very own private oasis for better sleep and relaxation.

​Here are my three tips to create your own sleep retreat...

First, set the right mood and temperature​

The bedding you choose, your air quality, and lighting are all important in creating your own sleep retreat. You can select your bedding based on whether you prefer a cooler or warmer nights sleep, and add an air purifier to increase air quality for better breathing while you sleep. Being able to control light levels, both artificial and natural, lets you create the right atmosphere for getting ready or winding down and can be done with smart lighting and electric blinds.

Next, organize with simple, statement-making storage

Open and closed storage solutions allow you to hide away items from view, while also being able to display your favourite keepsakes and collectibles. Interior fittings, like shelves, drawers, bins and boxes, can be used to customize the inside of both open and closed storage and closed storage will always look nice and tidy no matter what is stored inside.

Lastly, create a double duty workspace

Working from home is often a necessity given our current circumstances and there isn't always space in our homes for a dedicated office. Integrating a desk into your bedroom allows for a surface for working behind closed doors and away from the busier common areas of your home, while also being a perfect dressing table for getting ready. Having storage close by and in the desk allows you to pack everything up and put work out of site and out of mind when its time to relax in your sleep retreat!

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