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Circular hub (As-Is): Good deals for home and planet

What is the Circular hub (As-Is)?

Formerly known as the As-Is department, the Circular hub (As-Is) is a place that inspires you and helps you to shop more sustainably. In the Circular hub (As-Is), you will find everything from discontinued or gently used items to items from our old displays. By shopping in the Circular hub (As-Is), you can help to prolong the life of our products, prevent waste and give our products a second chance, while saving money too.

Besides shopping, the Circular hub (As-Is) includes an interactive area where we'll hold workshops to share tips on prolonging product life and teach you how to create unique pieces by using IKEA products in unexpected ways.

Two people carrying a white KALLAX shelving unit across a tree-lined street.

Shop the Circular hub (As-Is) online marketplace

At the Circular hub (As-Is) online marketplace, you'll find a wider selection of our in-store offers, including discontinued or gently used items.

1. Once you find an item you're interested in, log into your IKEA Family account and reserve the item - it will be held for you until store closing time the next day.

2. Go to your selected store during regular business hours to claim your reserved item from the Circular hub (As-Is).* 

3. Purchase in-store.

*More information about disassembly and delivery options.

Shop the Circular hub (As-Is) online

What kinds of products and resources can you find in the Circular hub (As-Is)? 


  • Showroom model: Products that have been displayed in our Showroom or used during various activities.
  • Not in shape as new: Products with imperfect, damaged, or torn packaging that does not meet our packaging standards. The product itself may also have minor cosmetic flaws.
  • Customer returns: Products that have been returned by customers.
  • Outgoing products: Discontinued products that are no longer part of our range.
  • Damaged products: Products that can still be used but are slightly damaged or scratched.
  • Not complete: Products that may be missing a part but are still safe to use (eg. a desk chair with a missing armrest or a chest of drawers with a missing handle).
  • Second chance at life: Products sold by IKEA customers through the Sell-Back program.
  • Second quality: Products that do not meet our quality standards but are still safe and functional (eg. uneven finish on products).
  • Sold in box: Products that are still in their original packaging but may be slightly damaged.


  • Handy person corner: Materials and equipment that you can use for your own DIY projects and hobbies.
  • Care and repair: Regular stock items that can help to prolong the life of your Circular Hub product.
  • Learn and share: An opportunity for IKEA co-workers to share knowledge with customers through seminars and workshops.

How to shop the Circular hub (As-Is) in store

The Circular hub (As-Is) is located in the Self-Serve warehouse at IKEA stores, just before the checkouts. Products are replenished throughout the day.

1. Choose your item.

Once you spot a product that you like, check out its special price tag - you'll find the original price, discount percentage, reason for discounting and the Circular hub (As-Is) price. Place it in your shopping cart. IKEA co-workers will be happy to help you with bulky or secured products such as wardrobes, appliances or dressers. Pay for your item(s) at the store checkout.

2. Take it apart.

If the product you want to purchase is too large for your vehicle, you can disassemble it yourself. We will lend you the necessary tools once you have purchased the item. IKEA co-workers can give you more details in-store.

3. Get it home.

If you find an item that you want to purchase but have no way of getting it home, speak to an IKEA co-worker. Certain items are eligible for delivery. Restrictions and additional charges may apply.

Good to know

Circular hub (As-Is) Terms & Conditions

  • Items found within the Circular hub (As-Is) have either been previously used, are no longer part of our range or have some minor damage. For one or more of these reasons, they have been given a discounted price.
  • Before purchasing from the Circular hub (As-Is), please read the reason for discounting on the price tag and inspect the item for yourself.
  • All Circular hub (As-Is) items are eligible for our generous 365-day return policy.
  • We cannot hold items for any reason.
  • Our prices are final and non negotiable.


If you’re not completely satisfied, or simply change your mind, you can return your products within 365 days. You can return any product, even if you assembled it, as long as it’s in unused and in re-saleable condition.


We want you to love the things you buy from us for a long time. Our warranty programme covers only select products from our range, so find out whether your item is covered at the link below.

Sell back program

Keep your old stuff if you want to – but you don’t have to.

More about sell back

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