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Let's build a world where we all feel at home

At IKEA, we've always stood for 'the many people'. We want people of all sexual orientations to feel safe, supported and welcome, not just at IKEA, but everywhere. Read about some of the ways we're working towards positive change at home and in the community. The best part of positive change, is that we can all play a part with pride. 

A family of two parents and five children sitting on a sofa with a Home Pride Home sign on the wall behind them.

Supporting LGBT+ people starts at home

This International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia (IDAHOTB), with support we’ve received through Stonewall’s Global Diversity Champions programme, we’ve created a series of actions you can take to ensure the place you call home is somewhere LGBT+ people feel welcome, included and free to be themselves.

Be an LGBT+ ally

There are lots of terms specific to the LGBT+ community that you may not know. Take some time to learn inclusive language and understand the issues LGBT+ people experience. That way, if someone wants to discuss their identity, orientation, challenges or anything else, you can do so in the right way.

Ask open questions

If you feel a loved one might want to talk about their sexual orientation, gender identity or any other challenge but is finding it hard, try asking a friendly, open-ended question like, ‘How did things go at school/work today?’. It may just open the door to a bigger conversation.

Call out hurtful language

If you hear someone use a word like ‘gay’ in a derogatory way or in place of another negative word like ‘stupid’, don’t ignore it. Gently remind them it’s not acceptable and suggest they think about how they could re-phrase what they said.

Respond positively to LGBT+ people in the media

If an LGBT+ person or character appears while you’re watching TV, reading or online with someone at home, use it as an opportunity to remind that person you’re accepting and supportive of the LGBT+ community.

Be patient

It may seem counter-intuitive but it’s best to wait for your loved one to open up to you. If asked about their sexual orientation or gender identity before they’re ready to discuss it, it may make them less likely to do so. Instead, create a warm, safe environment where everyone can speak freely, then let them find the right moment.

Remember pronouns matter

Calling someone ‘he/she’ based on your own assumptions can make them feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. Using the pronouns ‘they/them’ is therefore very useful when you don’t know a person’s gender identity. And don’t be afraid to ask someone’s pronouns if you think they might feel comfortable sharing them.

Look after yourself too

Caring for everyone in your home, especially if they’re experiencing negative feelings about themselves or their environment, can be hard. Be sure to have people around you who can support you too.

Home Pride Home

We’ve turned Home Sweet Home into a symbol of inclusiveness and acceptance. Find it on Instagram Stories or GIPHY, take a selfie wherever you call home, and use #HomePrideHome to mark it as LGBT+ friendly.

Insta stories
Video: Home Pride Home cross-stich animation where the embroidery shifts from dark blue to rainbow coloured.
Insta stories

Made with Pride

At IKEA, we believe in everyone's right to be themselves. A message you can share with the STORSTOMMA, a rainbow coloured friend of our best-selling product ever, the FRAKTA carrier bag.

Progress we’ve made at IKEA globally

We’re using our size and influence to advocate for LGBT+ rights outside IKEA. Together with other companies, civil society, our co-workers and customers, we want to be a force for positive change by supporting legislation and investing in education and awareness campaigns that tackle LGBT+ stereotypes.

  • We have a global LGBT+ inclusion plan, ensuring that our entire company creates a workplace and environment that welcomes people of all sexual orientations and gender identities
  • We recently launched our global Transgender Inclusion Toolkit for managers that features global guidelines for creating a trans-inclusive workplace and trans-inclusive teams
  • We offer training for our co-workers about inclusion, unconscious bias and LGBT+ issues to further support allyship
  • IKEA is a proud member of the Workplace Pride Foundation and Stonewall’s Global Diversity Champions programme, both of which are focused on LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace
  • We have co-created and endorsed the UN Standards of Conduct on tackling discrimination against LGBT+ people in the workplace and in the community
  • We are active partners in Open for Business, a business coalition for advancing LGBT+ inclusion and providing a response to the growing backlash against this in many parts of the world
  • We have a global business commitment to racial equality, which includes increasing ethnic, racial and national diversity at all levels of leadership in 30 countries by 2024

Progress we’ve made at IKEA Australia​​

These are just some of the actions we’re proud of which drive LGBT+ inclusivity for customers and co-workers: ​​

  • Inclusive family car park signage to represent a more diverse picture of Australian families ​
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms in our stores​
  • Gender-neutral co-worker uniforms ​
  • Pronouns included on co-worker name badges​
  • Room sets which showcase a diverse range of living situations, including those inspired by same sex couples ​