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How to create the perfect pantry

Let Denise take you on a pantry tour, with tips and guides on how to make the most of your pantry space.

Shelving is the key

From recipe books to inspire your next meal to the herbs that finish off your dish. This pantry is a cook's dream.

By using a mixture of shelving in different depths, pull-out drawers and handing baskets, we've made the pantry usable for more than just storage. 

Start your mornings right

Open the door and pull out the coffee station for your morning brew. It keeps your machine from taking up bench space and all your coffee making accessories are easy to find in the morning to help you before the caffeine hits. 

After you've browsed through your recipes and chosen what you'll be cooking, you can easily see and access any of the appliances you'll need to get started with these fully extending drawers.

Versatile storage

From pantry to bench these VARIERA boxes made form sustainable, fast-growing bamboo are perfect for storing your herbs and spices. So they aren't lost or forgotten. 

Beautiful and functional food storage

Use clear KORKEN and 365+ jars in your pantry so you never let any food go to waste. Perfect for keeping your ingredients fresh. 

Below waist solutions are a game changer

To make the most of the space below waist height, we've used deep drawers so you can clearly see what's inside.

Deep drawers are perfect for storing bulkier cooking equipment and foods like pasta, making it easier to see and reach for.

By organising your ingredients in these boxes, having all your food in clear view with these 365+ containers and storing your homemade treats in these bottles and jars you'll save time hunting through cupboards and avoid food waste when nothing gets lost or forgotten.