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IKEA launches KARISMATISK, a fabulous collection in collaboration with the British pattern and textile designer Zandra Rhodes

KARISMATISK collection
Range news2 September 2021Last edited: 7 April 2022
IKEA launches bright pink version of its iconic blue FRAKTA bag

IKEA has introduced a pink FRAKTA bag as part of a wider collaboration with designer Zandra Rhodes, exploring how bold patterns and vivid colours can be incorporated in the home. The KARISMATISK collection is a manifesto for fearless self-expression at home with 26 statement-making pieces.  

KARISMATISK will be available at IKEA Richmond, Rhodes, Logan and online at from November 2021. 

Famous for her fearless prints and vibrant colours, Dame Zandra Rhodes has been a revolutionary force in the fashion and textile worlds for over five decades. Inspired byher fearless approach to life and style, IKEA set out to explore together the power of colours and pattern to add character and charisma to the home. This exploration led to a deeper understanding of prints and colours as powerful expressions of personality, talent, local culture, as well as the psychological effects on people and spaces.

Following Zandra’s lead, the collection is loud and proud and statement-making. KARISMATISK celebrates our homes as an expression of who we are through colour, prints and eye-catching objects. The new collection calls to channel Zandra’s confidence and charisma into your home and to be proud to show your personality in your space. Mix and match cushions, rugs and textiles however you choose, put vases together or separately, add a sparkle of colour or go full pattern! 

“It’s the sort of collection that people can just take one piece of and it can lighten up their lives or they can take several pieces,” says Zandra Rhodes. As much as KARISMATISK is fabulous, it’s functional too. Together with Zandra, IKEA used the five dimensions of Democratic design – form, function, quality, sustainability at an affordable price – to create playful solutions to everyday needs at affordable prices. Although Zandra is passionate about flamboyant prints and colours, her designs are always practical. Wherever possible, recycled materials are used in the collection – and consciously, with a focus on less is more.

“The IKEA team really get the Zandra Rhodes aesthetic, and because of this we just bounce off one another. The design process has been organic and genuine, and this is seen throughout the whole collection”, says Zandra Rhodes. “It’s been a wonderful adventure. On a practical side, it’s been very exciting trying to translate the ‘Zandra Rhodes: World of Colour’ for the many people to have a bit of it”.

From November 2021, the collection will be available at IKEA Richmond, Rhodes, Logan and online at