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Discover DAJLIEN. A home training collection defined by you.

Designed for you, and your home

DAJLIEN is designed for heavy use – but it’s also designed with colours and details that work even when it’s not used for training.

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A girl in green workout wear is squatting, holding a set of two round DAJLIEN training weights in her hands.
A closeup of a woman’s hands holding the DAJLIEN exercise mat in green, which is partly rolled up.
A man in workout wear is on the DAJLIEN step-up board, one knee up, holding the DAJLIEN training weights in his hands.
Video: A video clip of a girl doing situps and exercises at home, with DAJLIEN products, and a man walking across the street.
Two DAJLIEN valet stands are in a room, with clothing hanging off them and the DAJLIEN carrier bag on the floor.
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A closeup image of a girl wearing a green workout top, holding a round DAJLIEN training weight in front of her.

Training isn’t everything...

But everything can be training. Because what is training? Is it speed and stamina, 100 reps, no pain, no gain, or abs and legs of steel? Or is it playtime with your kids? Yoga after a long day at work? Jumping jacks at your desk? Could it be tidying your home, doing the grocery shopping, walking the dog? DAJLIEN aims to inspire training in your everyday life. 

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Part training gear, part storage

Inspired by old-school gym equipment, the DAJLIEN bench with storage can be used in multiple ways: as a training bench, of course, but also as a storage bench and even as a table when relaxing at the sofa. 

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A girl has one knee and one hand on the DAJLIEN bench with storage, holding a DAJLIEN training weight in the other hand.
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Video: A video clip shows a young girl and an adult doing handstands and exercises on a large DAJLIEN exercise mat.

Room for everyone

Working out at home often means working out together: with children, partners, friends or even pets. The DAJLIEN exercise mat has rounded edges and comes in two handy sizes that easily roll up and out of sight. The small one is perfect for on-the-go sessions, while the large is even big enough for two.

Cooling down is also part of the game

DAJLIEN also includes products to help you cool down, from the air purifier, which doubles as a fan, to the yoga strap, knee pads, massage ball and portable speaker. These products all assist with the recovery process and stress relief – an essential part of training, too.

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An adult male is stretching on a large DAJLIEN exercise mat, next to a young girl in the same position on a small mat.
A shot over the shoulder of a girl sitting on the DAJLIEN exercise mat, using a yoga strap to stretch her legs.
A woman is stretching on her stomach on a DAJLIEN exercise mat, eyes closed, with the DAJLIEN air purifier in front of her.
A woman sits cross-legged on a small DAJLIEN exercise mat in a living room, wearing the DAJLIEN bath poncho with a hood.
A bird’s eye image of the DAJLIEN 4-piece exercise set on the DAJLIEN exercise mat in green.
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At home or on the go

Can training really be as simple as grocery shopping or walking the dog? With DAJLIEN, the answer is yes. DAJLIEN features functional details that transforms everyday activities into easy, fun training moments.

A DAJLIEN carrier bag sits on a tiled outdoor surface, full of items, with a hand reaching inside.
A girl wearing green leggings and the DAJLIEN belt bag holds a set of round DAJLIEN training weights in her hands.
An image of a girl with a ponytail from behind, wearing the DAJLIEN relax-poncho. We see her from the shoulders up.
A girl is standing on a dock next to a lake, wearing the DAJLIEN bath poncho with hood in light green and smiling.
A cropped image of a girl wearing workout wear and the DAJLIEN belt bag. She has unzipped and is reaching inside the bag.
A close-up shot of a girl wearing the DAJLIEN relax-poncho holding a DAJLIEN hand towel by its loop.
With DAJLIEN, we wanted to create smart, beautiful products to inspire and redefine training as a fun, easy and natural everyday activity.

Sarah FagerDesigner