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The everything room

Living, cooking, dining, working and sleeping: it all happens here, in one small room with many job titles. Simplicity, smartness (and storage!) are at its core, squeezing maximum function into minimum space – all with some of our lowest-price products. What’s not to love?

A lightweight table and stackable chairs are simple to push aside – allowing the same space to switch effortlessly between dining and living area.

No room for a dedicated workspace? No big deal. This filing cabinet fits perfectly under the dining table, and can be rolled out of sight when work hours are over.

Flexibility and small spaces are best of friends. If each piece of furniture serves more than one function, or is easy to move, you’re on the right track!

Minimal in style, maxi in size, these simple cabinet fronts create a calmer look in a room with a lot going on.

Extra kitchen storage? Extra worktop space? On wheels? Yes, yes and yes.

“Practical” and “functional” are all well and good, but a little bit of “beautiful” never hurts either.

Would a sofa bed be the more practical option for this small space? Possibly. Are those dreams of a double bed worth pursuing anyway? Definitely! Better yet, with just a quick 180° turn, the headboard of this bed becomes a room divider. How’s that for smart?

High shelves across the wall crank up this room’s storage capacity, and free up much-needed floorspace.

An empty wall turned generous wardrobe. Swapping out doors for curtains makes the best use of both budget and space.

Thanks to these space-saving stackable pouffes, there's always extra seating if friends and family stop by.