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Style a small-space kitchen

It’s easy to put your stamp on a kitchen without giving it a complete overhaul. Jules shares her rented home in Berlin with her partner Alhadj and son Justus (seven). Their kitchen may be compact, but Jules has created a room that suits her family and feels like their own. She believes any kitchen has the potential to show off your style as much as the rest of your home – she’s disguised her washing machine and space under the sink with a fabric she loves, and added individual wooden cabinets up high instead of having a fitted kitchen.

Keep items you use every day on display.
Keep items you use every day on display.
Add a small table to your kitchen.

A table for together time

Jules has a large dining table in the living room for when friends visit, but she’s also found a table tiny enough to fit in her compact kitchen – and just about big enough for family breakfast times! Combined with a mini picture gallery, indoor plants and a glass-fronted cabinet displaying her favourite crockery, it marks this out as the area for relaxing.

Portrait of Jules’s son Justus eating breakfast.
Add a mini picture gallery.
Let everyone help themselves at breakfast time.
`Our kitchen should look like it belongs to the rest of our apartment - it needs to be welcoming and personal, a place where we can share cosy family moments´

Jules, photographer and blogger, Germany

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Styling: Abigail Edwards
Photography: Polly Wreford