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Make your home feel extra-festive

So it’s almost December, but you’re not quite feeling the Christmas spirit yet? Fear not – for we’ve come up with a few ways that you (and the whole family) can prepare for the festive period with easy-to-add decorations that are sure to make an impression on any guest.

Let a little light in

Here’s a brilliant way to brighten your summer nights. SOLBO night light gives off a cosy glow that’s comforting without being too bright. It’s shaped like a cute owl, too, which is fun for any young nature fan to have in their room.

Christmas in every colour

What’s a home without a Christmas tree, and what’s a Christmas tree without baubles? Our VINTER range caters for every taste in ornaments – from minimalist silver shades to these brightly coloured ones.

Everything’s better with baubles

Check out this Christmastime chair hack! When you add a slightly longer ribbon, it’s simple to attach tree baubles and individual name tags and create an unforgettable mealtime atmosphere.

Let the kids take charge

As Christmas approaches, everyone gets excited – and everyone wants to get into the spirit in their own way. So why not let the kids take the lead with their very own secret winter wonderland under the table?