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Make the most of the outdoors this Christmas

Convert even the smallest space into a festive celebration this Christmas

Deck the halls

Hang garlands across your windows or along your balcony balustrade to bring the festivities to your balcony.

A different type of Christmas tree

Instead of taking up indoor space with a Christmas tree, decorate the plants you already have on your balcony.

Create a relaxing oasis

Once you’ve finished cleaning up after your big feast, head onto the balcony or patio for a well-deserved break. Add an outdoor rug, cushions and throws to make it super comfortable.

Cost conscious and sustainable

Use the plants you already own on your balcony for an easy Christmas tree, decorate with your existing hanging decorations or some new paper ones.

Stay light when it’s dark

Don’t let the setting sun end the festivities. Hang lanterns or battery-operated fairy lights to keep the ambience magical.