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GRATULERA: reviving IKEA designs of the 50s and 60s

Celebrate 75 years of IKEA design with GRATULERA, a new limited- edition collection of vintage favourites.

Silhouette of a GAGNET armchair on a pink background.
Silhouette of a GAGNET armchair on a pink background.

Own the first piece of flatpack

In 1955, IKEA co-worker Gillis Lundgren removed the legs of a table so it would fit into his tiny car. Six decades later, nearly all IKEA furniture is flatpacked and Gillis’ table has been brought back to life as the LÖVBACKEN side table.

Go retro with rattan

IKEA launched the GAGNET armchair in 1958, at the opening of the first store in Älmhult. All the journalists at the grand opening had the chance to sit in the armchair’s handmade round design, considered a symbol of a more optimistic future.

Serve up 1960s style

Get nostalgic with retro accessories, like the TILLPLATTAD tray and VÄLFYLLD bowl. Made from 100% recycled and laminated paperboard, the tray combines today’s sustainable production processes with the dark-wood look typical of midcentury style.

Refresh classic designs

The EKENÄSET armchair, inspired by 1950s Danish design, gets a modern update in two shades of grey velvet.

Revive an old favourite

One of IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad’s favourite designs, the STRANDMON wing chair is inspired by an IKEA design from the early 1950s. Today it has the same high back for extra support and comes in dark green-blue and turquoise for the GRATULERA collection.

Shop the GRATULERA collection in-store or online and celebrate 75 years of IKEA with more limited collections in the next six months