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Abundance on a budget: a multi-generational home for food lovers

What makes a home? Ask any one of the three generations living here—it’s where family, good food and good times come together. You’ll find plenty of each in their inspiring apartment, furnished with simple yet functional basics at a surprisingly low price.

An all-smiles family sitting on brown-black STEFAN chairs around two white MELLTORP tables in a black-and-white dining area.
An all-smiles family sitting on brown-black STEFAN chairs around two white MELLTORP tables in a black-and-white dining area.

    Recipe of the day: a warm and inviting multi-generational home, pulled together for less than you’d think. Who’s hungry?

    A black-and-white dining area, two white MELLTORP tables, brown-black STEFAN chairs, white wall tiles and a dark-wood floor.

    Big gatherings on a budget

    This great value dining space can fit the whole family: push together two MELLTORP tables, add eight STEFAN chairs, and finish off with two SKURUP pendant lamps—all for under $540

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    Together and apart

    Meals as a family are mandatory, but the gap between breakfast and dinner sees everyone doing their own thing. Giving each person their own space and time is, after all, the secret to harmonious living. A versatile living room like theirs also helps, divided for different activities at the same time. Dad strums over here, grandma streams over there. Everyone’s happy.

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    A sunlit room in a black-and-white colour scheme with black and white LACK nesting tables and a dark-grey SÖDERHAMN sofa.
    A section of a room with patterned wallpaper, floor in dark wood and a guitar leaning on a black chair.
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    Information about creating a bold, black-and-white home on a budget.

    Black and white... and anything but boring

    A bold, show-stopping home doesn’t have to break the bank. Interior designer Mia Gustafsson shows how you can take black and white basics, and layer in plenty of warmth and personality.

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    Part hallway, part wardrobe, part hockey pitch

    In a house with so much going on, finding enough space to store three generations of stuff can be a challenge. This longer hallway handles all the overflow, with storage in all shapes and sizes to wrangle shoes, coats, cleaning supplies and sports gear.

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    A boy and an elderly man play with clubs and a ball in a long narrow hallway lined with storage units, like black PINNIG benches.
    Various outdoor items held by black ENERYDA knobs on a white-stain LURT rack mounted on a black-and-white-striped wall.
    On a broad-striped black-and-white wall hang various items, some from black ENERYDA knobs on a white-stain LURT rack.
    A section of a black-and-white-striped hallway with white BISSA shoe cabinets and a black-brown RAKKESTAD wardrobe.
    A broad-striped, black-and-white wall section with a flute placed across three miniature-chair-shaped, black FJANTIG hooks.
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    Making the most of every cent and cubic metre

    Without much room to spare, this bedroom has clever solutions packed into every nook and cranny. In here you’ll find a bed that doubles as a chest of drawers, a full-height storage unit with curtains instead of doors, and a compact vanity created from a simple floating shelf, with just enough space below to tuck away a stool.

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    A bedroom with a white BRIMNES bed with storage made with black-and-white-chequered VITKLÖVER bed linen.
    Parted, broad-striped, black-and-white SOFIA fabric hung as curtains in front of a wall-mounted, white BOAXEL combination.
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    A bedside area with a black-brown LACK shelf acting as bedside table, a black DALFRED bar stool and an ENHET mirror cabinet.
    A white SYVDE glass-door cabinet filled with storage and decorations stands close to a bed made with VITKLÖVER bed linen.

    Must love football

    Even when he’s not out on the pitch, this little guy’s passion for the beautiful game is clear to see. And, as luck would have it, footballs are right at home with the apartment’s black and white style. His desk and toy storage were picked with the long-term in mind, designed for easy adjusting and extending as he grows.

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    A black-and-white room where a young boy leans back into the bottom cot of a MYDAL bunk bed, surrounded by various toys.
    A TROFAST unit with orange storage boxes contrasts against a room set in an entirely black-and-white colour scheme.
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    A boy sitting on a VALFRED-SIBBEN children's desk chair, at a white PÅHL desk with a white KRUX work lamp on it.
    A room where a boy leans out of a HÖVLIG children's tent, his elbows resting on a grey HEMMAHOS rug.

    A story of two lives well-lived

    Grandma and grandpa’s room shows just how personal a small space can be, with books, clothes and souvenirs from many decades creating a relaxing retreat.

    A child playfully dons a hat in a room furnished with a black-brown RAKKESTAD wardrobe and a light-grey LINNEBÄCK easy chair.
    A wall section with necklaces, bracelets and other decorative items hang from a black PINNIG three-hook rack.
    A corner of a room with a black NISSEDAL mirror and a wall-mounted, black SKURUP lamp amid various decorative items.
    A hanging, naked light bulb casts light on a bed, and a black KNARREVIK bedside table piled high with stacks of books.
    Two KULLEN chests of five drawers with the top filled with decorative objects. Dark, wall-mounted shelves above.
    A light-grey SLATTUM upholstered bed made with SPIKVALLMO bed linen and lit by double, dark-grey HEKTAR spotlights.

    More snoozing, less spending

    No, you’re not dreaming! Creating this cosy nest with a SLATTUM upholstered bed frame, SPIKVALLMO quilt cover and pillowcase set, plus two HEKTAR wall/clamp spotlights came in below $300

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