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Swim wild

With so many bodies of water in and around the country, Sweden is filled with opportunities to swim in the wild. Make like a Swede and jump in a lake, pond, river, sea, or ocean – swimwear optional. Let the cold, natural water energise you in an empowering way like no other.

Location: Outdoor
Time of day: Morning
Duration: 15 minutes

Soak in the sensation of being one with the water.

A smiling woman, wrapped in a VÅGSJÖN towel after a swim in a lake.
    A woman sitting by a lake is drinking a hot drink from a HETLEVRAD insulated flask.

      Ritual recipe

      Wild swimming boosts endorphins and other happy hormones – and facing the challenge of swimming in cold water makes you feel powerful. Exposure to cold strengthens your body’s immune system, and by focusing on the physical sensations of wild swimming, you can let yourself be in the moment and de-stress.


      • Choose a lake, pond, river, sea or ocean to swim in.
      • Warm up with a walk or a run nearby.
      • Prepare yourself mentally with breathing exercises and step into the water.
      • Wait a few minutes – until the cold feeling goes away and you start to enjoy the feeling of freedom.
      • Treat yourself to a hot drink and dry clothes after the swim.

      Reward yourself for rewarding yourself

      After rewarding your body with a cold swim, wrap yourself in a dry, fluffy VÅGSJÖN towel and reward yourself with a restoring BELÖNING chocolate snack.

      A woman wraps herself in a VÅGSJÖN towel after a cold swim in the wild.
        A woman enjoys a BELÖNING chocolate bar snack, wrapped in a towel after a swim.
        A woman carries a VÄRLDENS gym bag, packed with all her wild swimming gear.
        A woman dries her face after a swim, with fluffy a VÅGSJÖN towel.
        A woman puts her wallet and phone into a RENSARE waterproof bag.