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Healing cup of tea

Making your own tea blend is like creating your own medicine – just like grandma used to do it! Choose the ingredients for the tea mix that’s right for you, improving your health and satisfying your unique tastebuds.

Location: Kitchen
Time of day: Afternoon
Duration: 20 minutes

Breathe in the wonder of creating your own tea potion.

A relaxed woman sits in an armchair, sipping tea from an IKEA 365+ mug.
    A standing woman sips tea from an IKEA 365+ mug, while looking out her living room window.

      Ritual recipe

      Tea is relaxing and reduces stress, allowing you to connect with your body and your surroundings. It is also a natural energy booster that improves your immune system and speeds up your metabolism. A fresh, homemade tea blend will last you longer than ready-mades, and if you use bulk ingredients, your tea blend will also be much more sustainable.


      • Pick your favourite dried herbs as a base for your tea blend and put them in a RIKLIG teapot. Add fruit and spices as you like.
      • Add near-boiling water and let sit for 10 minutes. Pour the tea into an IKEA 365+ mug.
      • Feel the heat of the mug in your hands and let the steam kiss your nose. Breathe in the aroma. Taste each ingredient as you sip. Feel how the warmth inside your body relaxes you.

      A relaxing way to relax

      Making tea takes time and offers peace in return. Take out your BLOMNING tea tin, put your tea in RIKLIG tea pot and add hot water. When it’s ready, pour your tea into an IKEA 365+ mug and enjoy.

      A woman pours tea from a RIKLIG teapot into an IKEA 365+ mug.
        A hand holds an IKEA 365+ mug with an IKEA 365+ coaster.
        A hand is taking a spoonful of tea from a BLOMNING tea tin.
        Hands are pouring tea from a RIKLIG teapot into an IKEA 365+ mug.
        A hand is putting the lid back on a BLOMNING tea tin.