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Best in clean

Gather the whole family to compete in the cleaning championship of the week. Start with a game of darts to pick your chores, play some music and have lots of fun! Whoever is fastest wins the cleaning challenge, but the whole family get awarded a tidy home.

Location: Home
Time of day: Morning
Duration: 60 minutes

Marvel at the clean results of a friendly competition.

A mother and child enjoy a snack together, sitting at a low table on the bedroom floor.
    A young girl sprays cleaning product on a mirror with a PEPPRIG spray bottle.

      Ritual recipe

      Cleaning teaches kids important life skills, as well as valuable lessons on how to take responsibility for themselves and their surroundings. When you work together towards a common goal, it also brings your family together.


      • Make a list of chores together. Assign each chore to a section of the LUSTIGT dart board.
      • Throw the small figures at the dart board – the section you land on shows which task and area of the home to clean.
      • Turn up everyone's favourite music to add energy to the competition.
      • Keep throwing the small figures at the LUSTIGT dart board and complete your cleaning tasks until they’re all done.
      • When the home is clean, announce the winners and enjoy some well-deserved treats together.

      Learning for life, doubling the fun

      The LUSTIGT dart board determines who cleans what. Then, with the PEPPRIG series of cleaning products, the family is ready to tackle any challenge in pursuit of the great prize.

      Two young girls play with a LUSTIGT dart game.
        Two young girls rinse PEPPRIG microfibre cloths in a PEPPRIG bucket.
        A young girl carries a PEPPRIG bucket.
        A young girl sweeps the floor with PEPPRIG dustpan and brush.
        A young girl carries a PEPPRIG spray bottle.