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Bringing children’s books to life

The magic of storytime starts with the authors, illustrators and product developers behind IKEA children’s books and toys, and ends wherever your little one’s imagination takes them…

A colourful illustration of a baby orangutan hiding in a tree in the dark.
A colourful illustration of a baby orangutan hiding in a tree in the dark.

Give the gift of reading

Orangutan is Scared is one of the latest storybooks to hit the shelves. ‘Reading is such a fun and easy way to have family moments together,’ says author Sophie Holmqvist. ‘While this book is great for reading with parents, it’s also perfect for children starting to read independently. We shortened the text and changed the typeface so it’s easier to read.’

Books should start conversations, with some things left open-ended. Children can use their imaginations to finish the story in their own way or apply it to themselves

Sophie Holmqvist, author of Orangutan is Scared

Orangutan is Scared

‘I was inspired by my daughter, who was struggling with fears while I was writing the book,’ says Sophie. ‘I wanted to show that it’s OK to be scared. We’re all scared of something, but you have to be scared to be able to be brave. The orangutan in the story discovers that she is actually much braver than she thinks.’

Cuddly friends to match

And who better to read along with than the furry friend from the story? The orangutan soft toy has a tactile coat, and hook-and-loop fasteners on the feet and hands so that it can cling on to new friends just like it would to trees in the jungle. ‘We made many adjustments to perfect the facial expression,’ says Children’s IKEA product developer Jorge Santoyo.

Sometimes we create a soft toy from a book character, and other times we create a book from a soft toy concept. The Peekaboo! book features a whole family of IKEA toys to collect

Jorge Santoyo, product developer for Children’s IKEA


Illustrated by Margareta Nordqvist, Peekaboo! is the first IKEA baby book. The baby panda is just the right size to snuggle with as you read to your little one. ‘Babies love to feel new textures,’ says Jorge. ‘Soft toys provide the perfect mix for developing sensory skills, and encouraging social and emotional growth.’

The Owl Goes on Holiday

This wise owl – teacher of a class of forest children – lives inside a story imagined by illustrator Ann-Cathrine Sigrid Ståhlberg and the late Swedish author Ulf Stark. ‘The Owl Goes on Holiday was fun to work on. I always enjoyed adding Ulf’s wit and sense of humour to the characters,’ says Ann-Cathrine. Children can re-enact the story themselves with the owl glove puppet.

I love Ann-Cathrine’s illustrations, they really bring the stories to life. And she is so into the detail – she even contacts nature experts to check the flowers and leaves are all authentic

Jorge Santoyo, product developer for Children’s IKEA

Pages of fun activities

And it isn’t just storybooks! Try the PYSSLA and LUSTIGT activity books, packed with colouring pages and games to encourage your child’s creativity. ‘In a time when both children and adults live a rather stressful existence, play involves undemanding moments when nobody needs to prove anything,’ says Amanda Lundqvist from Children’s IKEA. Just add a pack of MÅLA felt-tip pens!

We love to see our customers get creative with our products. Go for it! But please note that altering or modifying IKEA products so they can no longer be re-sold or used for their original purpose, means the IKEA commercial guarantees and your right to return the products will be lost.