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A room shared is fun doubled

Two adorable little sisters, one adorable little space for them both. Their minty-fresh bedroom is full of good design and good ideas, pulled together on a tiny budget. It’s the sunniest, happiest corner of the house – for sleeping, playing, storing and studying. And growing up, of course, together.

Littlest, littler, little

It’s one of our lowest price children’s beds, designed for the longest possible lifespan. With three adjustable lengths, it’ll grow up with this kid – while its timeless looks will always pair well with other furniture.

Toy clutter can quickly overwhelm a small bedroom like this one. That’s why playful storage is key with kids: it makes packing away a part of the fun!

Sweet dreams (and storage)

When you have two bedrooms squeezed into the area of one, using every bit of space is essential. No monsters under the bed in this room; nope, only storage, storage and even more storage.

Let me be me

Even if they’re sisters, they’re still as different as can be. While a cohesive overall look keeps the space calm, individual bed linen (proudly picked out themselves) brings through both personalities on a budget.

Pretty as a picture

As fun to read as they are to look at. Why not pay a visit to your local charity store and stock up on second-hand story books? Reading material, and easily-switchable wall art, all in one.

Big school, here I come

With biggest little about to start school (where did the years go?!), this wallet-friendly workspace will soon be getting a regular workout. The best thing about it though? That there’s always a free seat for little sister.

A bright idea

Kids' lighting can be functional. It can also be fun. It can also be both! Ceiling, beside and floor lamps are all brilliant, but these wall-mounted lamps are a super smart (and super safe) choice for small spaces.