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9 packing tips for starting uni

Starting uni this year and dreading the idea of packing everything up? We’re here to help out. Here’s our top tips to get your college room essentials travel ready so they arrive safe and sound. Whether they survive your first dorm room party however that’s another story....

College essentials packed and ready against a coloured wall
College essentials packed and ready against a coloured wall

1. From toiletries to stationery, there’s a bunch of small fragile things that can easily get lost (or squeezed) in the packing process. Our recommendation is to store them in labelled boxes for protection. These ones have storage compartments inside for smaller things too.

2. Living on campus you're going to want a few favourite treats from home. Our tip is to keep them together with boxes (these ones can even be turned into a shelf or stool when you’ve arrived) If you’re anticipating a bumpy trip you can always fill any gaps with socks or towels.

3. Here's an easy tip! Bulky textiles like bedding and pillows can be compressed down using string or a belt and can fill gaps in your other packing. Like between chair legs.

4. The more you’ve got organised at home the easier it’ll be to unpack once you’re on campus. Clothes and shoe organisers can be used to carry clothes and shoes for example, and if you keep your hanging clothes in their hangers you can just slot them up when you arrive (a clothes protector can be a help though.)

5. Bulky objects suit open bags much more than boxes or suitcases. Plus the bag can always become a new laundry basket or carrier for sports stuff.

6. Books also benefit from the open bag treatment. You’ll be thankful for easy to carry handles when you start the unload and transport to your new dorm too.

7. Nothing brings your personality to your new dorm space like photo prints or posters. Bring them in cardboard tubes (or rolled and wrapped in paper) to avoid wrinkles. A bonus tip is to use hangers or clips to hang them so you don’t need frames too.

8. It’s always a good idea to pack a go-to bag with all the important stuff in it. Your laptop, college admission papers, keys and documents. So when you arrive you’re all ready to enrol.

9. Now that you've got all the essentials ready. Don’t forget an all important ‘parents bag’. With all the other essentials and forgettables. The toothbrush and thick warm socks, the vitamins and extra suncream. Good luck on your trip to college!

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