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Mattress and bed conversion chart

Sleep! 92% of all Aussies believe a good night's sleep can be achieved with the right mattress.

So what is the right mattress? Mattress sizing from country to country can differ greatly. Given there is no international standard when it comes to mattress sizes, it’s hard to know what the right size is if you are used to international sizes and need a new mattress in Australia. That is why IKEA have assembled a mattress conversion chart that makes it easy for everyone to find the perfect spring or foam mattress for a comfy night’s sleep.

The IKEA mattress essentials are:

  • The right temperature, all year round
  • The right length (everyone under 6'7" is covered)The right firmness
  • The right materials (nontoxic, sustainably sourced)
  • The right bounce resistance
  • The right quality! This can be misconstrued because of our great prices, but that’s our entire democratic design principle. Make it affordable, make it quality, make it for everyone.

Mattress conversion chart