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Kitchen utensils

Peeling, mashing, pressing, grating ... and that’s just potatoes. With all the things you do with food, having the right kitchen utensils for all the different jobs makes life a lot easier. And when good quality is this affordable, you know you're getting the right tools at the right price.

Great kitchen utensils are needed regardless of what kind of meal you’re cooking. It won’t just make cooking easier and way more effective, it’ll also make it more fun. With our easy-to-use kitchen gadgets, it’ll be all play and no work.

Which kitchen tools are the most essential?

A well-equipped kitchen needs a good set of cookware with a variety of pots and pans. But having a good set of utensils is just as important. So which ones do you truly need?

First, you have the necessities, such as a good set of kitchen knives and heat resistant spoons and spatulas. These are a must for any cook, and if you’re just getting started with your kitchen, make sure to get a cooking utensil set.

Then, you have the highly specialised tools, such as herb scissors or a burger press. These, while not required, can still make specific jobs a whole lot easier.

Finally, you have the in-betweens; utensils that you don’t think about too often, but you’ll really wish you had once you’re trying to make something. These include things such as:

Measuring spoons

When it comes to food perfection, precision is key. Whether you’re following a recipe or being creative with leftovers, getting the proportions just right can be the difference between a feast and a failure.

You might be thinking that you don’t need measuring spoons – you can just use your regular teaspoons and tablespoons instead. But unfortunately, they cannot guarantee exact measurements. So, without measuring spoons, how are you going to know if you get the proportions right? And this aspect is especially important when baking, where exact measurements are far more important.

A peeler

It may not look like much, but the peeler is a really useful time saver in the kitchen. And you can use it in tons of creative ways too. Peeling potatoes and root vegetables are the obvious ones, sure. But have you ever tried using your peeler on onions? You're guaranteed to get those thin slices you've always longed for. Try decorating your food with slices of lemon zest, or your desserts with chocolate shavings. And then there's the sharp end meant for potato eyes, but it works perfectly for hulling strawberry stems as well.

Kitchen shears

They may look like regular scissors, but they’re far more than that. They are most commonly used for fish and poultry, but many will grab them to trim vegetables or to cut flower stems, freshly washed herbs, and spicy peppers.

Need something more than basic cooking tools?

If you already have everything we’ve mentioned above, perhaps it’s time to get yourself something that’ll elevate your work in the kitchen. A mandolin, for example, is an awesome kitchen gadget. It’ll save you loads of time when prepping, and you’ll get slices so thin you can’t believe you ever used knives for this sort of delicate cutting.

While you’re at it, maybe you should up your chopping board game too? Most of us have one or two similar ones. But for really professional usage, you should get them in different materials, and they should be colour coded. Why? To make sure you can keep track of which one is which, as you should always work with raw and cooked food on separate boards.