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Curtain rods

Curtain rods can be mounted on the walls or in the ceiling, and the curtain rod holder position can be adjusted, allowing curtains to hang close to the window, or farther out. Explore our curtain rods and our curtain triple track rails, wires, and double rod sets and find your perfect solution.

Is it time to add the finishing touch to your windows? With our assortment of curtain poles, you’ll find what you need. We have everything from single to triple rod combinations, in different materials, with or without finials.


Why curtain poles are a great choice

Compared to many other solutions, curtain poles are very easy to assemble. You just mount the brackets on each side of your window, then you pull the curtain pole to the desired length and put it up. Thanks to this smart, flexible design, you can quickly adjust their position to your liking. And it’s equally easy to take them down and move them to a new room or to your new house.  

Once you have them up, it’s time to use them! Different curtains will of course result in different looks in your home. For example, light and bright curtains make a room feel larger and more open, whereas dark and heavy ones can make it feel smaller and cosier.  

But there are no rules limiting your curtain poles to just curtains! Use them to hang decorations for festive events, like balloons on birthday parties or garlands on New Year's Eve.  

The curtain pole itself will add an interior touch as well. It can be truly discreet, if that’s what you prefer. Why not get a pole in the same colour as your wall? Or get it in a contrasting colour with flashy finials. 

How to measure curtain rods to fit your windows 

First of all, you need to figure out how long your curtain rod needs to be. Start by measuring the width of your window at the top edge, from outer frame to outer frame. Continue by adding at least ten centimetres on each side. Then move these positions upwards another ten centimetres. This position is considered by many to be the recommended minimum measurement, no matter what kind of curtains, rods, or rails you have. 

Adjusting the position

With those perfectly measured pencil markings around your windows, it’s time to get creative. The way you use your curtains to frame your window can affect your entire interior.  

For example, try moving your pencil marks outwards for a few centimetres, both in width and height. If you then hang your curtains on the side of the window, while making sure they cover the frames, that will create an illusion that makes your window appear bigger. Much in the same way, placing the pole too close to your window's top edge will make the window appear smaller.  

Calculate for the weight

Now, the height and width of the pole's placement will of course decide the measurements of your curtains as well. The longer the rod, the more fabric you’ll need. That goes for the height too. So, make sure your curtain rod can handle the weight of your curtains. If they’re too heavy, you might need extra brackets for support.