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IDAHOT 2021 - Progress is made. Right here. With you.

Let’s build a world where everyone can feel at home

LGBT+ inclusion is an issue very close to our hearts. At IKEA, we have always stood for ‘the many people’, an idea that does not discriminate. We want people of all sexual orientations and gender identities to feel at home, not just at IKEA, but everywhere.

To mark this year’s International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia on the 17th of May, we want to acknowledge the progress that’s been made on LGBT+ inclusion and talk about the steps we all can take to push progress further.

In an effort to be more inclusive of all LGBT+ people, within and outside IKEA, we are adopting the Progress Flag. The flag includes black and brown stripes to represent LGBT+ communities of colour, as well as pink, light blue and white to represent the transgender community. To us, flying the Progress Flag is more than symbolic. We know progress still needs to be made so that all people within the LGBT+ community are treated equally and included.


If you can find it in your heart to listen, to educate yourself and challenge homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, that’s it.

Fox FisherArtist, filmmaker and campaigner

Steps we can all take to make progress

How do you help build a world where everyone can feel at home?

We all have the power to push progress a little bit further and help the whole LGBT+ community feel welcome and respected – at home, at work and out in the world. Check out the tips below to see if there are any ways you can make progress in your everyday life.


Call it out

Hear something you don’t like? Speak up and kindly explain why it’s not okay to speak that way, or why you find it troubling. If that feels too difficult, tell someone who will speak up on your behalf. We all need to stand against discrimination and hate, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Use inclusive language

Don’t make assumptions about someone’s gender, sexual orientation, or relationship. Use language that acknowledges that we have diverse relationships and families. This can mean using gender-neutral words like ‘partner’ or ‘parents’.

Respect the pronouns people use (she, they, he, etc.)

The pronouns we use are tied to our deepest sense of self and how we want the world to recognise us. When someone shares their pronouns with you, respect them and use them. Using the wrong pronouns (misgendering) can be insulting and harmful.

Make a habit of sharing your pronouns

Have you thought about changing your email signature or your social media bio to show your personal pronouns? This is a great way to be an ally to the LGBT+ community and make conversations about pronouns more commonplace. It’s a small step that can make life feel more welcoming and inclusive to all.

Own up to mistakes

We all mess up sometimes. If you make an incorrect assumption about someone, or refer to them by the wrong pronoun, or accidentally use an inappropriate or offensive term, acknowledge your mistake. If you’re corrected, you can thank the person who corrected you for giving constructive feedback.

Read up and stay curious

If you want to know more about LGBT+ issues, there’s a wealth of information out there. Look for the answers you need online or respectfully ask people you know from LGBT+ communities for their views and perspectives. Being informed is an important step towards being inclusive.

Ask questions respectfully

Curiosity is a good thing, but make sure it’s balanced with respect for privacy. Put yourself in other people’s shoes and don’t ask overtly personal questions that you wouldn’t want to answer yourself.

Get involved

Sign a petition. March for more rights. Look into your local LGBT+ volunteering opportunities or show your support though donations. We’ve made lots of progress on LGBT+ equality, but there’s still lots more each and every one of us can do.

Progress we’ve made

Here are some of the ways we’ve made progress around the world over the past year:

  • IKEA Serbia has come out in support of pending legislation that recognises same sex unions.
  • IKEA Australia designated gender-neutral bathroom spaces to help co-workers and customers feel safe, comfortable and accepted at IKEA.
  • IKEA USA received a perfect score from Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s index of LGBT+ friendly workplaces.


As part of our LGBT+ inclusion plan, we continue to offer training for our co-workers about inclusion, unconscious bias and LGBT+ issues to make sure that they are allies too. Our Transgender Inclusion Toolkit includes a global guideline for creating a trans-inclusive workplace and trans-inclusive teams.


Try to be a door instead of a wall. What can you lose? Nothing. You can only gain.

Sara del FabbroIKEA Serbia, SEE CEO

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