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Get inspired to organise with IKEA Tidy TV

Introducing IKEA Australia's first-ever #oddlysatisfying Tidy TV. Enjoy a series of   organisation and tidying videos:  hours of slow, relaxing, meditative content to help you unwind. Watch objects slot soothingly into place and be packed away perfectly and feel that sense of calm that organisation with IKEA brings.

Having an organised home can have a positive impact on our mental health and overall wellbeing. Discover tips and tricks from our experts in life at home, including easy to implement solutions to help keep your home tidy and organised.

Get organised with KALLAX

Watch our KALLAX unit get organised in this slow and soothing looped video. We have also put together some great tips and tricks, including some great ways to teach young children how to tidy.

Home storage tips and tricks

  • Storing children’s toys in storage boxes on the bottom rows of your KALLAX gives your children the independence to grab their toys whenever they want to play, and more importantly for you, the ability to easily tidy up after themselves!Label storage containers for the family to easily identify what is in each one. Handy hint: draw pictures of blocks, trains, dolls or dress-up clothes for little children that can’t read just yet.
  • KALLAX is wonderful for open plan living spaces- you can hide the items you don’t want people to see in perfect-fit storage containers, while the open shelves give you space to display your favourite items, plants and collections.
  • With many people still working from home, KALLAX can be used as a room divider, creating a semi-private dedicated workspace.

HEMNES tidy magic 

Tidy drawers can be so satisfying! Watch our HEMNES get organised in an endless loop of tidying magic. We also have some tips for functional storage to make getting out what you need fast and easy.  

Bedroom storage tips & tricks

  • Storage boxes, felt drawer liners, and internal organisers help banish the black abyss at the back of your drawers! They give everything a home, allowing you to find what you are looking for and making it easier to put away every time. Organised storage saves you time and endless frustration!
  • When organising your drawers, sort by function and place your most frequently used items like socks and underwear in storage boxes in the top, most easily accessible drawers, saving you valuable time in the morning. Seasonal clothing and bed linen that isn’t used as frequently can be stored in the bottom drawers and sealed in vacuum bags to maximise space.
  • The top of your chest of drawers is the perfect place to display objects you love or have meaning to you, creating personality in your bedroom.
  • Group together collections of your favourite items according to material, shape, or function, and remember to always work with height - the tallest items at the back and the shortest toward the front. By grouping together your collections or everyday skincare on a tray instead of random placement on top of your chest of drawers, space is given to each collection, creating a calm, harmonious effect.

Organise your pantry with OMAR

If you love to organise, a tidy pantry is a must! Watch our IKEA 365+ containers and OMAR shelves come to life in this meditative tidying video. Get tips on how to sort your pantry and find out how it can make you a better grocery shopper.     

Pantry tips & tricks

  • Clear food storage containers allow you to see what you have in your pantry and fridge at a glance. Handy hint: jot down the expiry date on a reusable label on the container so you don’t forget! Knowing what you have will lead to sustainable grocery shopping as you won’t double up, preventing food waste.
  • When organising your pantry, sort by function or food type and group together - for example, pasta, canned food, sauces, baking items and spices. Then place the most frequently used foods, such as condiments or cereals where they are easily reached, at eye height.
  • Heavy bulk items that are used infrequently can be stored on lower shelves in your pantry. Dry bulk items in airtight containers are easily accessed with food scoops to prevent unnecessary heavy lifting.
  • To make the most of your pantry space and make all areas accessible (even the very back where the lentils hide), store smaller items in storage containers with handles or a timber crate to move out of the way to reach larger containers at the very back.
  • Shop for fresh fruit and vegetables with reusable net bags, and you don’t even need to unpack! Just hang the bags on the side of your OMAR unit with S-hooks. This will save using plastic bags, double handling and increase the amount of storage space in your pantry.