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IKEA 365+ cookware series

Made for everyday cooking

IKEA 365+ cookware series is designed so you can cook every day. There’s a pot or pan for all your most important needs in the kitchen. They’re made from hardwearing stainless steel, so they’ll stand up to the bumps, scrapes and stains each day brings. Plus, they’re easy to clean and will stay looking new longer – perfect for preparing and serving food 365 days of the year.

IKEA 365+ casserole with lid, clear glass, stainless steel Length: 40 cm Height: 16 cm Width: 25 cm
IKEA 365+
casserole with lid
THB 1,490
Length: 40 cm, Height: 16 cm, Width: 25 cm
IKEA 365+ saucepan with lid, non-stick coating, stainless steel Diameter: 15 cm Height: 8 cm Volume: 1 l
IKEA 365+
saucepan with lid
THB 550
Diameter: 15 cm, Height: 8 cm, Volume: 1 l
IKEA 365+ stockpot with lid, stainless steel Diameter: 30 cm Height: 19 cm Volume: 10 l
IKEA 365+
stockpot with lid
THB 1,190
Diameter: 30 cm, Height: 19 cm, Volume: 10 l