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Kitchen Knife & Chopping Board

Cooking is way more fun when cutting chillies, not fingers. Our kitchen knives are shaped to give you a good grip while being comfortable to use. They keep their edges for a long time – but we have easy to use sharpening tools when needed. Add a few chopping boards for safer surfaces to chop on.

Chopping boards doing double duty — cut and serve

Made of bamboo, acacia, or beech, these durable chopping boards are great for food preparation, and so nice-looking that they can be put directly on the table. The more you use them, the more beautiful they get. And the grooves in the pizza board ensure that you can serve flawless pizza slices, every time.

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A wooden SMÅÄTA chopping board has garlic cloves on it and next to it is a wooden APTITLIG chopping board with bread slices.
A wooden SÅPÖRTMAL pizza tray with grooves and with cut pizza slices on top is placed on a wooden table, ready for serving.
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