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Desk Chairs, Office Chairs & Work Chairs

Comfortable desk chairs mean you can spend more time concentrating on work, rather than a pain in your back. Ours come with features like armrests, height-adjustable seats, and tilt functions that your body will love. And the different styles mean they fit in wherever you want to work in comfort.

Complement your chairs with Floor protector.

10-year guarantee on our chairs. Exclusions apply.
Design your own work chair with our LÅNGFJÄLL chair configurator.

Take a seat in the spotlight

If they catch your eye, you’re not alone. HATTEFJÄLL office chairs and LÅNGFJÄLL conference chairs have a way of attracting looks. No wonder with that combination of curves and comfort. And don’t get us started on back support and ergonomics. The new colours, they must be the best yet?

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An unfurnished space where a HATTEFJÄLL office chair with a white frame is placed on a square podium with rounded corners.
A green-tinted space with three identical armrest-less, white-framed LÅNGFJÄLL conference chairs placed in line.
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More optionsMILLBERGET Swivel chair

MILLBERGET Swivel chair, Murum black

More optionsLOBERGET / MALSKÄR Swivel chair

LOBERGET / MALSKÄR Swivel chair, white/black

More optionsHATTEFJÄLL Office chair with armrests

HATTEFJÄLL Office chair with armrests, Smidig black/blackHATTEFJÄLL Office chair with armrests, Gunnared red/whiteHATTEFJÄLL Office chair with armrests, Gunnared green/black

More optionsMARKUS Office chair

MARKUS Office chair, Vissle dark grey

More optionsJÄRVFJÄLLET Office chair with armrests

JÄRVFJÄLLET Office chair with armrests, Glose black

More optionsFLINTAN Office chair with armrests

FLINTAN Office chair with armrests, black

More optionsLIDKULLEN Active sit/stand support

LIDKULLEN Active sit/stand support, Gunnared dark grey

More optionsLOBERGET / MALSKÄR Swivel chair + pad

LOBERGET / MALSKÄR Swivel chair + pad, white black/dark greyLOBERGET / MALSKÄR Swivel chair + pad, white/dark grey
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Desk chairs that are ready to work from home

Work can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Find a height-adjustable desk chair that provides support throughout the day.

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A TROTTEN desk with a FLINTAN office chair close by. The desktop has accessories, pens and paper filled with sketches.
A small workspace beneath a staircase with a TROTTEN desk and a HATTEFJÄLL office chair, amid ample storage and decorations.
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