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We love rugs for their ability to liven up a room, muffling noise from other family members and because they make homes extra cosy. Whether you choose round, plush, square, or fluffy, rugs are an essential part of any home.

Check out our range of Antislip & underlays to make your rug extra safe. 

A new room-transforming rug

With its standout chequerboard pattern framed in playful colour, our KLASSRUM rug sets a retro vibe with a fresh twist. From bedrooms and home offices to living rooms and hallways, the flat weave finish is statement-making wherever it lands. And when the time comes to move, it’s always ready to roll.

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Three KLASSRUM flatwoven rugs in white and green on a purple surface. Two of the rugs are rolled up and one is laid flat.
The lilac end of a rolled-up white and green KLASSRUM rug on a purple floor. The orange edge of an open rug is behind it.
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It’s easy to revive a room with a rug

A cosier, warmer feeling, more comfort for your feet and a boost for the whole room. You can give your home all that with a rug.

A PAX/FORSAND wardrobe with one door open showing outdoor equipment at the end of a hallway with a LOHALS rug on the floor.
A two-seat KIVIK sofa with cushions on it stands in a living room corner with its front legs on a TANNISBY flatwoven rug.
A SÄBÖVIK divan bed with KOPPARBLAD bed linen stands on top of a STOENSE rug with a pair of slippers near a window.
A light brown LANGSTED low pile rug on a wooden floor with a white BURVIK side table and a birch veneer coffee table on it.
Two black PINNIG benches with shoe storage holding shoes, with a VAMDRUP multicolour rug on the floor in front.

Tips to help you make the most of rugs