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Lighting, lamps & shades

A work lamp that will get a lot of likes

Here’s a dimmable lamp to light up your workspace – or you, when you’re having a virtual meeting or doing a video for social media. It has four different colour temperatures, can hold most smartphones and has storage for pens, headphones and more.

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A white STILREN vase and a BRUNBÅGE LED work lamp with storage holding a pair of headphones stand on a white ALEX desk.
    A BRUNBÅGE LED work lamp with storage, holding a pair of headphones, pencils and a mobile phone, stands on a white ALEX desk.
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      A new colour for a lamp that’s out of this world

      This award-winning pendant lamp, inspired by science fiction movies, now comes in a new colour – black. But switch it on and you get this golden glow. Pulling the strings lets you open and close it to change the amount of light and the mood in the room.

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      A partly open IKEA PS 2014 pendant lamp hangs above a VOXLÖV dining table with a clear glass STORSINT carafe on top of it.
        SAMMANLÄNKAD LED solar-powered table lamp
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          IKEA PS 2014 Pendant lamp

          A pull of the strings on IKEA PS 2014 pendant lamp gives the faintly glowing globe a shape that looks like a spaceship where light flows out of it. Made of black transparent plastic that’s partly recycled.

          SAMMANLÄNKADLED solar-powered table lamp

          This solar-powered table lamp is created in collaboration with the social enterprise Little Sun. Clean lines, cordless, versatile and mobile mood lighting that you can use indoors and outdoors to save energy and reduce your climate impact.

          A gentle light and mood with this new lamp shade

          You can set the atmosphere to relaxing in an instant with this new lamp shade. Just combine it with your choice of cord set to create your own personal lamp.

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          A pendant lamp with a PEKTOLIT pendant lampshade hangs over a bed standing next to a GULLIVER cot with one side removed.
            A lit pendant lamp with a white PEKTOLIT pendant lampshade is hanging in a dark room with green walls.
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              Lighting series

              You can coordinate the look of your lighting system by using different types of lighting from the same series.

              NYMÅNE series – Simple style that easily blends in.
              SKURUP series – Rugged construction and timeless design for home lighting.
              HEKTAR series – Oversized metal lamps inspired by old factory lighting.

              A more relaxing bedroom with smart lighting.

              Want to switch your lamps on and off without getting out of bed? Or lower the amount of light to create a cosier mood? It’s easy with a TRÅDFRI dimmer and the right bulbs from our smart lighting range.

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              A woman lies in bed and reaches out her hand to press a TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer on top of some books on a bedside table.
                A lit FADO table lamp on a windowsill near a TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer and a FRASERA whiskey glass on top of some books.
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