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Small Lighting & Improvement

The right light for the right situation is important for our well-being. Smart lighting lets you create mood and atmosphere. Choose a light for early mornings, for late evenings or for cooking or working at home. Dim, turn off, turn on, switch from warm to cold light using a remote control or app.

Control your home with the touch of a button. Find out how.

It’s all a lot easier with smart lighting

Want to light up your home before you get out of bed? Or turn off all your lamps with one remote control when you go out the door? Or create different moods with your lighting and always have them instantly available on your phone? Welcome to smart lighting.

A PAX/GRIMO wardrobe with YTBERG cabinet lighting from an YTBERG/TRÅDFRI lighting kit stands beside a doorway into a bedroom.
A woman lies in a bed and presses the button of a TRÅDFRI remote control placed on a white bedside table.