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Kitchen Doors & Drawer Fronts

Revamp your kitchen by simply replacing your kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts! Whether you want a modern or traditional look, we have a wide selection of durable, high-quality kitchen doors to choose from to suit your personal style and preference.

SEKTION kitchens to match your style

The SEKTION system gives you endless possibilities when designing your kitchen. Whether you have a taste for the traditional, love a minimalistic modern style or land somewhere in between, you’ll be sure to find something that suits you.

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A kitchen in traditional style with BODBYN fronts in off-white and HAVSEN sink bowl, by a large industrial-styled window.
A modern kitchen with white brick walls, wooden ceilings, NICKEBO kitchen fronts in matt anthracite and DALFRED bar stools.
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More optionsENHET Corner panel 40x75 cm

ENHET Corner panel, oak effect, 40x75 cmENHET Corner panel, white, 40x75 cm

More optionsSTENSUND Door 40x60 cm

STENSUND Door, white, 40x40 cmSTENSUND Door, white, 60x120 cmSTENSUND Door, white, 30x60 cm

More optionsVOXTORP Door 40x80 cm

VOXTORP Door, high-gloss light beige, 60x40 cmVOXTORP Door, high-gloss light beige, 40x40 cmVOXTORP Door, dark grey, 60x40 cm

More optionsBODARP Door 20x80 cm

BODARP Door, grey-green, 60x200 cmBODARP Door, grey-green, 60x80 cmBODARP Door, grey-green, 30x80 cm

More optionsSINARP Door 20x80 cm

SINARP Door, brown, 40x60 cmSINARP Door, brown, 60x200 cmSINARP Door, brown, 30x80 cm

More optionsHEJSTA Glass door 30x60 cm

HEJSTA Glass door, anthracite/reeded glass, 30x60 cmHEJSTA Glass door, anthracite/reeded glass, 40x60 cmHEJSTA Glass door, anthracite/reeded glass, 30x80 cm

More optionsMETOD 3 fronts for dishwasher 60 cm

METOD 2 fronts for dishwasher, Askersund light ash effect, 60 cmMETOD 3 fronts for dishwasher, Kallarp light grey-blue, 60 cmMETOD 4 fronts for dishwasher, Sinarp brown, 60 cm

More optionsENHET Door 60x75 cm

ENHET Door, oak effect, 60x75 cmENHET Door, oak effect, 60x60 cmENHET Door, concrete effect, 30x180 cm

More optionsBODBYN Drawer front 60x40 cm

BODBYN Drawer front, grey, 40x40 cmBODBYN Drawer front, grey, 80x20 cmBODBYN Drawer front, grey, 40x20 cm

More optionsSTENSUND Drawer front 40x40 cm

STENSUND Drawer front, white, 40x20 cmSTENSUND Drawer front, white, 60x40 cmSTENSUND Drawer front, white, 40x10 cm

More optionsASKERSUND Drawer front 60x20 cm

ASKERSUND Drawer front, light ash effect, 40x10 cmASKERSUND Drawer front, light ash effect, 80x40 cmASKERSUND Drawer front, light ash effect, 60x10 cm
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A bright, airy kitchen with windows facing the garden. FRÖJERED kitchen fronts, in bamboo, are combined with fronts in white.

Find your dream SEKTION kitchen

Explore our fully customisable kitchen designs, from modern to traditional and everything in between.

Build an ENHET kitchen to match your space, style and budget.

The ENHET kitchen system is flexible and easy to customise. The ENHET doors and drawer fronts come in a variety of colours and finishes, and you can mix and match open and closed storage to get your dream kitchen.

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A modern kitchen with grey walls and floors, an ENHET kitchen in anthracite and fronts in oak effect and black wall shelves.
A kitchen with a traditional look and feel with wooden floors and boxes and ENHET kitchen with white and grey fronts.
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