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Gaming furniture

Sit comfortably to have fun!

Our gaming chairs are powerful, ergonomically designed, and durable, which can help you improve your gaming record and win even better performance. They are also very beautiful and can be harmoniously matched with other furniture in your home. Let's start the game!

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A dim, neon-lit room with a headset-wearing person in a purple-and-black STYRSPEL gaming chair, arms raised in celebration.
A pastel room with a gaming corner centred around a light-grey UTESPELARE gaming desk and a grey UTESPELARE gaming chair.
A black HUVUDSPELARE gaming desk and gaming chair combination placed in a wood-floor room with green accents.
A Bomstad black MATCHSPEL gaming chair in front of an UTESPELARE gaming desk that has two monitors and a keyboard on top.
A grey-and-red STYRSPEL gaming chair in front of lit screens on a desk in a room lit up with a soft red glow.
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Gaming for hours is fun, thrilling and exciting — but sitting for long hours in your gaming room can be awful on your physical posture and well-being. When you are so caught up in a game, the last thing you want is to suffer from body pains. For avid gamers, it is more important than ever to have an ergonomic gaming room setup to game your way to victory!

IKEA has a variety of gaming room ideas that lets you game in style and comfort. From gaming desks and gaming chair to storage drawers, get all the items you need for your gaming room setup here. Our gaming room furniture comes in many sizes and features for comfortable gaming, like the gaming desk that has a sit-stand feature to switch positions and the crank handle allows you to work your arms — keeping health issues like bad posture and increased blood pressure at bay.

Facing the trouble of controllers, headset and keyboard scattered all over your gaming room? Get a table with side cabinets to keep your equipment in place! Desk organisers such as pegboards, headset stand or storage boxes are also handy essentials to keep your gaming room items within reach. If you are big on comfort, match your furniture with a cushion or soft blankets for comfortable sitting and better posture — your body will thank you for that. With the increasing popularity of gaming live streams, we also have a ring light phone holder and LED lightning strips to put you and your gaming room in the spotlight!