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Small Storage

Need something to pack the summer clothes in until next year? Or the kids' football stuff until next week? Explore our home storage and find ways to contain these things and more. Go for a transparent option if you want to see at a glance what's inside the box.

The new KACKLA storage box makes clutter disappear.

This extendable box is available in several sizes. Easy to adapt to your needs and space since the box can be extended lengthwise. Combine as you like to organise your things and utilise every centimetre of your space.

See all desk accessories & organisers
      See all desk accessories & organisers

      Time to tidy up and organize your home.

      With new shapes and sizes, these baskets are a great addition to the super useful and decorative RISATORP series. In what creative ways can they be of help as organisers for home?

      See the RISATORP series
      A RISATORP basket with birch handles sits on a rug on the floor, with balls of wool in it and knitting needles sticking out.
        A RISATORP basket with compartments containing miscellaneous items is on a black round side table next to an open notebook.
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          Clutter is just handy storage waiting for the right box

          Boxes may be the easiest way to improve the tidiness of any given space. No wonder we have them in virtually all sizes and fashions. SAMLA boxes have the added benefit of being transparent, making it extra easy to see what goes where. Find the right combination to help keep your home tidy and organised.

          See the SAMLA series
          A rustic, wooden worktop scattered with pots and planting accessories, many of them in transparent SAMLA storage boxes.
            A log-cabin interior with flour bags, bread and baking accessories in transparent SAMLA storage boxes and on a metal trolley.
            A softly sunlit room with assorted storage on shelves and in a stack of SAMLA storage boxes. Next to it stands a broom.
            A girl sitting on a wooden worktop handles planting accessories put in a transparent SAMLA storage box and its insert.
            An IVAR shelving unit holding bowls, figurines and pottery accessories, some stored in transparent SAMLA storage boxes.
            See the SAMLA series