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Tables & desks

Gather around the table and hear the family news, play a game, help with homework or set your stuff down. With our tables in a wide range of sizes and styles, you’ll find one that fits whatever you want to do in whatever space you have. You can find a table online or test them out in our stores.

Finally, a bedside table for the kitchen

Introducing the HATTÅSEN bedside table – the perfect bedside companion. This lightweight and easy-to-move table is a space-saving solution for any room. And with high-edged shelves and a handle on the short side, your things stay put no matter where you put it.

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A neatly arranged row of grey-green TÄLLÅSEN bedside table and shelf units, holding various accessories.
A person holding a a grey-green TÄLLÅSEN bedside, highlighting the upper corner of table and shelf unit.
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Not every bedside table is blue

Why waste precious time telling you how sturdy and helpful this little table is? You’re buying KNARREVIK bedside table because this is just the blue for you.

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Video: Close-ups of the details of a bright blue KNARREVIK bedside table to moving farther away to see the table in full view.
A bright blue KNARREVIK bedside table is standing slightly angled in a white studio space.
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A warm spot that welcomes extra guests

Free up space in your kitchen with an extendable table that is compact day-to-day, then extends when you have guests over. Inspired by traditional Swedish furniture, this wooden PINNTORP table has a simple design that is full of warmth and character. The perfect spot for sharing meals and memories together.

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A tea towel hangs on the back of a PINNTORP chair with a MALINDA chair cushion standing beside a PINNTORP gateleg table.
Red-stained PINNTORP chairs and a PINNTORP gateleg table are in a Swedish cottage-style dining room with blue walls.
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