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Storage Racks, Shelves & Shelving Unit

Storage boxes and baskets are not just containers to throw things into. They’re also a great way to complement your existing home furnishings. Our storage boxes and baskets come in a range of styles, colours and materials that allow you to take a simple, functional item and make it something personal you’re happy to have in plain sight.

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Complement your furniture. Find out how to Co-ordinate your Storage with our storage boxes.

Storage is boring – says who?

Have fun organising things around your home! Play with different sizes, stackable designs made with 50% recycled plastic and semi-transparent patterns. Less is more, especially if you can hide the more whenever and wherever you want.

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Video: Semi-transparent RYKTA boxes stacked on top of each other with red objects inside them moving from the top to the bottom.
Different-size, stacked, transparent RYKTA boxes filled with textiles. Strands of red yarn are caught by the lid of one box.
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Clutter is just handy storage waiting for the right box

Boxes may be the easiest way to improve the tidiness of any given space. No wonder we have them in virtually all sizes and fashions. SAMLA boxes have the added benefit of being transparent, making it extra easy to see what goes where. Find the right combination to help keep your home tidy and organised.

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A rustic, wooden worktop scattered with pots and planting accessories, many of them in transparent SAMLA storage boxes.
A log-cabin interior with flour bags, bread and baking accessories in transparent SAMLA storage boxes and on a metal trolley.
A softly sunlit room with assorted storage on shelves and in a stack of SAMLA storage boxes. Next to it stands a broom.
A girl sitting on a wooden worktop handles planting accessories put in a transparent SAMLA storage box and its insert.
An IVAR shelving unit holding bowls, figurines and pottery accessories, some stored in transparent SAMLA storage boxes.
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