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NYFORS series

When the light is always right

With our NYFORS lighting series you’ll always have the right light. The lamps have dimmers so you can vary the brightness to match the occasion or create a mood. They’re adaptable in other ways, too. The work lamp has an adjustable arm and head and you can change the height of the table lamp and the floor lamp.

NYFORS table lamp, nickel-plated Height: 78.5 cm Base diameter: 20 cm Shade diameter: 33 cm
table lamp
Height: 78.5 cm, Base diameter: 20 cm, Shade diameter: 33 cm
NYFORS work lamp, nickel-plated Height: 53.0 cm Base diameter: 19 cm Shade diameter: 14 cm
work lamp
Height: 53.0 cm, Base diameter: 19 cm, Shade diameter: 14 cm