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  • Complete your creation with kitchen taps and sinks

    So you’ve sorted everything but the kitchen sink. And kitchen taps. Here you can put that right by choosing from our extensive range of kitchen taps and sinks in all sorts of designs and finishes. And there’s more to think about than you might expect. Sinks with round and square single and double bowls, incorporated draining boards and of course, stylish stainless steel or that farmhouse kitchen staple, the ceramic finish. You can see all our sinks in detail on the website along with included accessories like water traps and pipe work. And you can check exact dimensions to make sure whichever sink you choose will fit in your worktop.

  • Mix and match your kitchen taps and sinks

    Although sold separately, all our sinks are compatible with our wide range of kitchen taps. You can choose from single or dual lever kitchen taps, made from durable brass and with different finishes like matt black, chrome or nickel. All our kitchen taps are water savers too. By increasing the amount of air into the water flow they help you do your bit for the planet, using up to 30 per cent less water than normal taps but with no loss in pressure. And don’t forget, you can find all those other essential accessories here, too, from soap dispensers to sink strainers, dish drainers and more.