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One new kitchen system, thousands of possibilities

Our new kitchen system, METOD, gives you more style and design options than ever before. Our gallery shows off just how flexible and functional METOD can be — it’s chock-full of ideas for organising, decorating and designing a room that works hard and looks great while doing it. Borrow as many ideas as you like (we won’t tell) to create a kitchen that’s just right for you.

A small kitchen with its one spare wall left open, green tape marks the future placement of storage furniture, tables and chairs.
Baking necessities and ingrediends in a kitchen table
Combine white units with a large kitchen island to create a modern, open kitchen
Stylist Hans Blomquist relaxes at his kitchen table
Bulbs like onions and garlic, store better in the dark. Just make sure they’re away from heat and moisture
This collage shows seven ways to live more sustainably at home, including growing your own herbs, capturing shower water, recycling old bottles, using your bike, hanging your laundry to dry and repurposing old glass jars as plant pots.
Make use of a trolley to create a kitchen in miniature. You can stock the trolley with cutlery, crockery, cooking utensils, pots, pans and there’s even space for food and a wash-up box. Attach rails to the wall for even more storage.
View of kitchen storage, open wall and hanging GRUNDTAL shelves with bright colour products and stainless steel utensils.
View of stack of FINTORP rails with shiny tin pots of plants and herbs.
View of large wall display of hanging plant pots and containers. Kitchen in background.
Find out how to make an advent calendar by hanging gift boxes from hooks on your kitchen rail storage.
A stainless steel fridge decorated with magentic containers filled with paper and numbered and arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree.
Kitchen design inspiration: Here’s a modern white kitchen with island and open storage
Kitchen drawers and cabinets starting to overflow? Check out our 3 favourite storage remedies using rails, cabinets and trolleys.
Transform an IKEA bathroom trolley into the perfect easy-serving helper at the dinner table with just a few simple accessories.
A kitchen wall cabinet filled with old records.
Black and beige paper gift bags
Picture of a window seat with pillows and a blanket on top
View of monochrome themed living room space with a cat sleeping on the charcoal sofa.
Living room: a white sofa is brightened with colourful textiles.
Home tour: Éléonore’s small & bold apartment in Paris
White walls, furniture and linen with splashes of bright blue textiles create a serene seaside bedroom.
Stainless steel IKEA rails fixed across a window with containers holding wheatgrass.
Kitchen with white IKEA cabinets, shelving unit and dining area. Most things have been customised.
Close-up of open IKEA kitchen drawer. White tableware arranged with drawer dividers.
Modern red kitchen with RINGHULT HERRESTAD fronts, integrated appliances and white worktops
Kitchen with VEDDINGE white drawer fronts and doors
Kitchen with VEDDINGE grey drawer fronts and doors
Kitchen with GRYTNÄS off-white drawer fronts and doors
Kitchen with high-gloss doors, stainless steel and walnut effect drawer fronts